Bigfoot Are Inter-Dimensional Creatures: Eyewitnesses State They Disappear Between Worlds Using Portals

Over the decades of the existence of the Bigfoot phenomenon, it has come a long way – from a supposedly unknown large primate to science, to something associated with UFOs, telepathy, and even hypnosis. Some eyewitnesses encounters suggest that Bigfoot Are Inter-Dimensional Creatures

Bigfoot Are Inter-Dimensional Creatures: Eyewitnesses State They Disappear Between Worlds Using Portals

Are Bigfoot Inter-dimensional Creatures?

All this indicates that Bigfoot may be creatures that stand apart from the fauna of our planet. In particular, this is claimed by many stories that Yeti can disappear literally before our eyes as if leaving for another dimension or another world.

Researcher Sharon Cornet wrote a lengthy article some time ago entitled “The Instant Disappearance of the Yeti: Eyewitness Stories, Implications, and Challenges for Researchers,” which focused on cases of yetis inexplicably vanishing into thin air.

One of the stories she collected tells a typical case when a yeti disappeared in front of an eyewitness. And another one seems to show us that the yeti go into some kind of “portals” leading to another dimension or to another world

The Strange Encounters With Disappearing Bigfoot And Yeti

This story happened in the summer of 2000 with a man named John Bohannon. He claims he was driving down a dirt road during the daytime west of Three Rivers Campground, near Alamogordo, New Mexico, when he saw a massive bipedal ape-like creature.

It was about 2.5 meters tall and went in the same direction as he was driving.

John slowed down to examine the creature – he saw it. that his whole body was covered with short reddish-brown hair, with longer hair growing under his forearms and face. The face of the creature resembled, according to John, “a typical Neanderthal.”

The creature noticed John, but did not slow down and continued to move on its own, and then, after about 100 feet, it suddenly disappeared – vanished into thin air. It’s like he’s just been somehow erased from this reality.

John assures that there were no trees, stones, pillars, or anything else that could hide the creature’s body. According to him, everything looked as if the yeti entered the “invisible wall”.

The story about the portal was received from eyewitness Larry Kelm and took place in August 1980 near Eugene, Oregon. On this day, Larry decided to go hiking along the old Mollala Indian Trail, which connects the ridges of Mount Saddle Blanket and the nearby town of Oak Ridge. 

The walk went on its own and everything was fine, and then at some point, Larry saw that his surroundings had become somehow blurry, as if cloudy, all the colors had turned gray, although there was the sun in the sky. As if something huge covered this area of ​​the forest with its shadow:

“The only way I can describe it was as if I was suddenly looking at the world through someone else’s glasses that didn’t fit my eyes. a jumble of figures that didn’t make sense.”

Then, just as suddenly as it all happened, Larry reports that he seemed to have passed the “barrier” and that everything around him “came back into focus”, but now it was night and the wind had completely stopped. 

Looking around, Larry found that the landscape had also changed. Instead of the fir trees that had surrounded him before, there was now dense, unrecognizable, and wild jungle-like vegetation and the air seemed thick and depressingly damp. 

Even though it was now night and there was no moon visible in the sky, he found that he could still see his surroundings, as if an unknown source of light illuminated the space. Then the air was pierced by a “continuous high and piercing sound” which immediately filled him with an unbearable feeling of dread:

“It was at that moment that I heard the whisper of ‘Gotcha’ over my right shoulder. I couldn’t tell if I heard it with my ears or if it was in my head. I was so frightened that for a moment I felt my heart stop.

I opened my mouth, gasped in a huge stream of thick air, and staggered back along the same path I had come here. When I looked back over my right shoulder, I saw a dark, hairy right-hand reach for my throat over my shoulder. 

The hand had pale, humanoid ivory nails. The nails looked clean and almost manicured. The thumb was placed lower on the hand than in humans. Both of the creature’s arms were long and powerful, and both were covered in thick, coarse black hair. 

I got a good look at him because the nail of his thumb managed to brush against my neck (but did not break the skin) when I moved back. And then his hand squeezed where my neck had been a fraction of a second ago and left behind as I broke back through the Portal.”

As soon as Larry took a few more steps back, he was back in his normal world, where there was cool mountain air, and familiar surroundings again. He saw that the “Portal” ahead looked like an oval patch of shimmering air, which slowly disappeared until it disappeared altogether.

Bigfoot Are Inter-Dimensional Creatures: Eyewitnesses State They Disappear Between Worlds Using Portals

Larry then ran to his car as fast as he could without looking back. The terrified man later reflected on what had happened to him and came to the conclusion that it was some kind of interdimensional trap:

“On the way home, I was horrified at the thought of what would happen if I drove my pickup truck into something like that. It would be a trap in its purest form. Whatever tried to kill me, somehow the Portal was hidden from me on the way in, and I didn’t really see it until I went out again. 

I had terrible nightmares for years after that, and I still don’t realize what happened. My fingers are trembling and the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up as I write this.”

There is another similar story. A certain Miss Montanez was driving in an unspecified year on a desert highway east of El Paso, Texas when she noticed the figure of a typical Yeti hovering over a dead coyote on the road

She slowed to get a better look at this strange creature and then saw that the massive form of the yeti began to smoothly disappear into the ground, disappearing before her eyes, until it disappeared altogether. 

At first, the woman thought that the creature had hidden in some kind of cave, but when later this place was carefully examined by the researchers, they did not find any caves, tunnels, or something similar here. It is also curious that the coyote carcass disappeared along with the yeti. 

What do you think? Are Yeti or Bigfoot some sort of inter-dimensional creatures?

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