The remains of the city of giants where Goliath lived

The size of the ruins found could indicate that it is the original city of giants where the biblical giant Goliath lived.

city of giants

Gat is part of the five city-states of the Philistines that inhabited Gaza, now known as the coast of Israel during the twelfth and seventh centuries BC. C. He is known for being the original city where the giant Goliath lived, who was killed by David to later become the king of Israel.

Now it seems that this legend has been confirmed thanks to a group of archaeologists who are excavating the remains of the biblical city, discovering a gigantic layer of ancient ruins.

According to Aren Maeir, the excavation director, these colossal remains could be the origin of the legends about the giants and the Philistines.

The recent discoveries that have been made in the excavations of Tell es-Safi, place where, in the past, was the city of Gat(city of giants), shreds of evidence what, rather than legends, could be genuine stories since it is estimated that this population What was believed was much larger.

It was believed that this city reached its immense size during the 10th and 9th centuries BC. C., however, the new discoveries reveal that this city of the early Iron Age may have been even larger and colossal.

And it is that Maeir himself has commented on the capital surprised he has taken and archeology, in general, to discover these remains after 23 years of excavations in the area.

The enormous remains of this city could be the definitive proof that the legends of the giants read in the Book of Samuel is not only a story or metaphors, but that they could have inhabited with the Philistines, once demonstrating that a race of beings colossal if they inhabited the Earth.

The city of Gat measured about 50 hectares of land, which is twice the size of any other urban settlement in that area during the time.

city of giants

To this is added that the fortifications that were found thanks to the archaeologists were about 4 meters wide, while the rest of the buildings only exceeded two meters.

Also, the building blocks that were found were much larger in the temples of Goliath, which were mentioned in the Old Testament. These measure almost two meters, while in later times, they barely measured half a meter.

Archaeologists say that the colossal size of their buildings is only right if the inhabitants were much larger than the rest of the people.

In addition, these buildings may also have influenced those who studied the development of the city, confirming the existence of this breed.

According to biblical accounts, Goliath was a soldier from the city of Gat and a paladin of the Philistine army who, for forty full days, besieged the Israelis and their army.

However, we must remember that the giants are not something unique to the Christian religion since in many other ancient cultures the presence of beings of colossal size is mentioned.

Quinametzin is the way in which the ancient Mesoamericans called the giants who are credited with the creation of emblematic cities like Teotihuacan. In Norse and Greek mythology we can also find stories of colossal giants that inhabited the Earth.

Even for the believers of the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the race of giants, also known as Nephilim or “the sons of God,” were hybrids of our creators, the Anunnaki. So Goliath could have been a hybrid between human and Anunnaki …

What do you think about it? There is increasing evidence about the existence of giants in ancient times. Where did they come from? Watch the following video and leave us your comment below.

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