Crop Circles are extraterrestrial messages of the future

Crop Circles are extraterrestrial messages of the future says scientists and Ph.D

A scientist who has a Ph.D. In chemistry at Caltech University in Pasadena, California, he claims that Crop Circles are messages from aliens and that these marks in crop fields have helped humanity lead “at least a breakthrough in The discovery of a binary code more advanced than the one that our computers use “(Crop Circles are extraterrestrial messages of the future)

The crop circle “Sentence of Symbols”, measuring 1,020 feet long, was found on 12 June 1999 by researcher of this type of phenomena Charles Mallett, UK. Crop circles are a global phenomenon.

Not only have crop circles cropped up around the planet, so far, there are quite a few of these strange formations that have never been explained. While some crop circles are barely well-crafted hoax, created by teasing or “crop circle artists,” there are some who carry a mysterious message according to researchers.(Crop Circles are extraterrestrial messages of the future)

Crop Circles are extraterrestrial messages of the future

Crop circles have been the subject of debate between researchers and ufologists for years. Richard Dolan, historian, scholar, author and one of the world’s top UFO researchers said that “some of these formations are so immense and complex that they defy reason.

And after all, during these decades, none of the alleged perpetrators has been caught on the spot while performing these truly extraordinary formations “( Source ). Curiously, crop circles are estimated to appear at least every week somewhere on our planet, and contrary to popular belief, crop circles are not unique to the last few decades.(Crop Circles are extraterrestrial messages of the future)

Reports of mysterious formations in fields have been reported for centuries. Now a Caltech scientist in Pasadena, California, Dr. Horace Drew, who has studied the phenomenon for years claims to have discovered the alien message behind these enigmatic formations.

Dr. Drew has spent more than 20 years researching crop circles and claims that there are hidden messages – from various alien civilizations – embedded within crop circles, as an attempt to communicate with humanity.

In addition, Dr. Drew explains that humanity has not been able to understand them since we are not advanced enough. Dr. Drew believes that some crop circles are literally images of the future. Dr. Drew, who lives in Australia, said: “When humans want to talk to dolphins we put little circles of bubbles under the ocean with a generator. We watch the dolphins approach, play and investigate, and we study them. ” Dr. Drew also states that crop circles have helped mankind lead it “at least a breakthrough in the discovery of a more advanced binary code than our computers currently use.”(Crop Circles are extraterrestrial messages of the future)

During a conference at the UFO and Paranormal Research Society in Australia, Dr. Drew said there are some crop circles that could be messages of humanity from the future. On the other hand, Nick Pope, former employee of the Ministry of Defense, who is currently a journalist and UFO researcher, says crop circles are nothing exotic.

Speaking of the phenomenon, Pope said: “It was clear to me that although these patterns were often stunting and intricate, they were made by people. Some of these fakers plan their patterns on computers, navigate by GPS and wear night vision goggles. It is unlikely that an extraterrestrial civilization will travel half the cosmos, just to start making patterns in the fields.

” According to historian Greg Jefferys: “The number of circular features that can be reasonably confirmed as crop circles that have so far been found in the 1945 survey now available on Google Earth exceeds a dozen. Since this survey did not include more than 35% of England cases and excluded ‘hot spots’ from the known crop circles around Wiltshire, the results are consistent with an annual occurrence of around 100 crop circles in the English countryside in 1945 This, combined with a significant number of historical records describing crop circles, disproves the claims made by various authors and creators of other crop circles.

This, in turn, raises the question: Who knows? Maybe after all there is something strange behind different crop circles or crop circles and some might have been crafted by an extraterrestrial intelligence trying to tell us something.

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