Do We Live In A Hologram?: Surprising New Evidence Suggests So

Do we live in a hologram? A new study has provided substantial evidence supporting a holographic explanation of the universe.

The idea that the Universe may actually be a complex hologram, a kind of representation of a three-dimensional object on a two-dimensional surface, as Stephen Hawking explained, is not new.

Do We Live In A Hologram?

The controversial string theory, a great theoretical framework that seeks to explain the behavior of particles and the forces of nature, has been inspired for decades in holography to try to explain the behavior of one of the phenomena that most intrigues Scientists: gravity. According to this idea, this phenomenon can be explained by a theory that does not include this parameter, which implies in definitive eliminating a dimension, that of gravity, in that complex Universe that we observe.

If a two-dimensional image can be transformed into a three-dimensional in the cinema, can a simpler and more serious image explain the behavior of the Cosmos, so influenced by gravity?

In an article in Physical Review Letters this month, a team of Italian, British, and Canadian researchers has presented what they say is the first observational evidence that the Universe is a complex and vast hologram. Put another way, they propose that they can explain their behavior from quantum theory that does not incorporate the dimension of gravity.

“Holography is a huge step forward in understanding how the Universe was formed and acquired its structure,” Kostas Skenderis, a researcher at the University of Southampton, said in a statement. “For decades, scientists have tried to combine Einstein’s theory of gravity with the quantum theory (he explains the operation of the small particles that make up matter). Some believe that the concept of a holographic universe could reconcile both. I hope our research is a step forward in that direction. “

Einstein’s general theory of relativity explains the Universe on a large scale, but can not dive into the mysterious quantum world, inhabited by particles of strange behavior. And that is why some propose to eliminate the pitfall of gravity to try to unify the physics of the extremely small with that of the extremely large.

On this occasion, astrophysicists found evidence that, according to them, support the interpretation of the holographic Universe, that is, that can be explained without the dimension of gravity. They discovered this evidence in some irregularities of microwave background radiation, that echo of heat that remains today after the Big Bang.

“Imagine that everything you see, feel and hear in three dimensions, (along with your perception of time) actually arises from a flat two-dimensional field. This idea is similar to typical holograms where a three-dimensional image is formed on a two-dimensional surface, as in the hologram of a credit card. But in this case, this hologram encodes the entire Universe. “

This effort to resort to holography, and explain the behavior of particles by removing the dimension of gravity, is especially important to understand the mysterious black holes or interactions of particles. However, this is not a simple task: next to the complexity of mathematics associated with this type of study, we must count on the lack of knowledge about particle physics and the origins of the Universe.

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