Dreaming of deceased relatives talking to you, messages from the beyond that should not be ignored

You wake up from a vivid dream in which a family member who died has communicated with you. Could it be possible that someone deceased can speak to you through your dreams? When you dream, you access the subconscious and unconscious parts of your brain. You have access to other levels of consciousness and feelings during waking hours. Sometimes, Dreaming of deceased relatives is just that, a memory that you had of a deceased relative.

But it is possible that your dream was a visit from an ancestor of yours. More and more people believe in life after death and also that the deceased can contact us after they have passed away. If you have ever dreamed of someone who is dead, you may have woken up, confused or scared , because you did not know that dream could symbolize. But the reality is that, if you have a dream about a deceased relative, you do not have to worry. If you have ever had a dream experience of this type, we recommend that you continue reading.

Meaning and interpretation

First of all, we must say that dreaming of deceased relatives is usually called “visits in dreams” . It is interesting to say that those dreams are very vivid and realistic. If you have dreamed of a dead relative, you probably have had the feeling that he was very present. It is also possible that you have the sensation of hearing or smelling that person. Your dream will be very realistic and because of this, you will feel some fear when you get up.

It is important that you understand that your family member or ancestor may be trying to tell you something really important and that is something you should not ignore. You should also know that dreams are a common way of communicating with your deceased family members. Most likely, they want to let you know that you are not alone. They will contact you when you need it most and also in the moments when you feel lost and confused.

Why do they communicate with us?

First, we must say that a deceased relative can be a messenger and bring important messages with them . It is also important to know that it is not necessary to have known that person, it could be an ancestor like a great grandfather or great grandmother with whom you never had contact. It can appear in your dreams in its physical form or simply through telephone communication. Regardless of the way, you should pay attention to what you are saying and you should never ignore the message. Another reason why the dead relative appears in your dreams is to let you know that he is your spiritual guide. If you have chosen the wrong path in your life, your spiritual guidance will help you return to the right path.(Dreaming of deceased relatives)

Dreaming of deceased relatives sound deceased relatives - Dream of deceased family members talking to you, messages from the beyond that should not be ignored

You also have to know that this type of communication is very spiritual, so without knowing it could be a kind of “antenna” for spirits, also known as mediums, so you should be careful not to attract unwanted entities such as low astral. Another reason for the appearance of a deceased relative in your dreams is simply to let you know that life after death exists. Your spirit and your soul existed even after a death, which should make you happy and eliminate all your fears in life.(Dreaming of deceased relatives)

Signs that a deceased relative is communicating through dreams

1. You wake up with the feeling that he is still with you

When you wake up after a lived dream and you have the feeling that someone was in the room with you, it is possible that the deceased relative is trying to let you know that, that they are taking care of you Although the feeling of being observed can be disturbing, in this case, it should make you feel safe. You may have had a dream that someone was watching you. Again, this could be a dead relative, letting him know he’s close.(Dreaming of deceased relatives)

2. The lived memories of your deceased family member were in your dreams

Sometimes, when you are awake, you remember your loved one, but having memories in your dreams is a sign that they may be trying to communicate with you. This is especially the case if your deceased relative helps you remember something you do not usually think about, like a forgotten memory of them. There may be a message in your memory that they want you to pay attention to.

3. Your deceased relative or ancestor appears in a different way than normal

If your deceased loved one appears in your dreams, but they do it in an unusual way, it may be a sign that they are sending you a warning. Pay attention to the clues that he is trying to give you. They may try to help you avoid a dangerous situation or warn you of an impending change.

4. You wake up with a sense of peace and well-being

What a wonderful feeling to wake up feeling calm and rested. It does not happen often enough, but if your deceased relative was concerned about your health and well-being, he may have tried to help you by offering you a restorative dream. Recent research has revealed that having encounters with deceased loved ones helped people cope with pain. One of the ways in which these visions helped people cope was that they felt that their spiritual beliefs were supported by contact with their deceased loved one. This sense of spiritual peace helps you to cope with the loss and also to continue with your daily life. Knowing that there is a life beyond death, and that your loved one is waiting for you, can help you feel more comfortable.(Dreaming of deceased relatives)

Dreaming of deceased relatives sound with deceased relatives - Dream of deceased family members talking to you, messages from the beyond that should not be ignored

5. Your dreams are real

These types of dreams can be very vivid and the dreamer can feel that the deceased relative was really present. These dreams are so realistic that you can smell, feel and listen to your loved one. It is likely that these dreams of real feelings are examples of a deceased relative communicating with you. These dreams can be emotionally intense because you feel their presence very strong. Often this will awaken your emotional pain. Your deceased relative was not meant to cause you pain, but I wanted to be near you again. This type of dream is definitely a sign that your loved one was trying to communicate with you.

6. The dead relative seemed younger and healthier than in his life

A deceased relative will often look younger than when he was with us. They appear healthy, as they prefer to be remembered. They want you to know that there was no suffering when they went to the “beyond” and that they are now complete and happy.

7. Your deceased relative tells you that she is fine and that she is still with you

In your dreams, sometimes your deceased love can talk to you. You can hear their voice or just have an idea of what they are saying. Most of the time they know you care where they are now, so they will appear in a dream to tell you that everything is fine.

These are just some of the messages that a deceased relative wants to let you know. But there is much more. You have to think that the dream world is a whole universe to discover, where there are no limits. It is for this reason that a deceased relative will use this way to communicate with you . It is a moment where you are at peace, there are no distractions and all your senses are placed in everything that surrounds you in dreams. It is for this reason that you must be attentive to the messages that seem since they are extremely important. It goes beyond the meanings that you can find in books or on the Internet, they are messages that must be listened to and analyzed.

If you have had these types of dreams, do not hesitate to contact us through our form or explain your experience below.

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