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The Economist 2019 : “A very black year awaits us”

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The Economist 2019 : “A very black year awaits us”
By Ansh Srivastava November 21, 2018
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we are dealing today with the typical cover that is published every year as ‘predictions’ about politics and economy, made by the Magazine of the powerful Rothschild family: The Economist 2019.

The covers of The Economist in the previous years have been some mysterious, striking and loaded not only with esoteric symbols but with detailed messages that show us who really are those who have power, who organize conflicts, wars and events that occur in the world, planned by … them … including the Rothschild family.

One of the reasons why the covers of the Economist magazine is so special for conspiracists is because in some occasions they have seen events that happen with posterity, showing or indicating that they manipulate certain events that occur at different levels.

Interesting has been to see that the cover that corresponds to the year 2019 is number 33. A Kabbalistic master number that is always taken into account by these satanist magicians who usually invoke demonic powers for their purposes, and could not be more than striking and strange to see that the cover for 2019 lacks the already recognized images with which it is usually speculated about what is coming and it is because by 2019 the cover is totally black.

What do the Rothschilds mean with their cover 33 and that is as black as jet? Do you have something very black ready for us? Something very dark? What is the message behind all this?

In its content it is curious that we talk about the prospects of the Trump government with a new Congress, the “reality” of Brexit, the elections in India, Indonesia, Nigeria and throughout Europe, the technological interruptions of Artificial Intelligence and China, Space travel 50 years after the lunar landing and culture 500 years after Leonardo da Vinci.

Many have already published about the cover auguring the darkest predictions ranging from a coup d’etat to Donald Trump or an attack against him, marking a kind of global mourning, until the third world war and the end of humanity, leaving All in nothing, literally black.

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As we said, “some” of their covers have sometimes reflected some details of things that have happened such as the nomination and election of Trump as president of the United States and the war that was going to be established by George Soros against him and the massive exodus that we see today towards the United States, promoted by that same elite that wants to impose the new communist world order, or also as the election of Angela Merkel in the elections that took in Germany a year ago.(Economist 2019)

Since in the world of conspiracy they turned their eyes to those covers, everything has revolved around the announcement of the end of the world, the war and the years go by … and still nothing. Maybe they do not want such a fatalistic end … for the moment.

Although they handle the world of symbology and the psychology of the masses, they might be giving a warning that when the light goes out … the darkness will reign. There is no doubt that cover 33 has a background that can have different meanings if we look towards the Middle East, what color is the flag of the Islamic State? just like the cover of The Economist … totally black background and some white letters.(Economist 2019)

Or the flag of the “holy Catalan brotherhood of the black flag” … also with a background as black as coal and a white star, and how to forget about the anarchists, or the Freemasons, who usually do their rituals on the grid pattern black and white .. will it have to do with the cover for 2019? With the Freemasons and their plans?(Economist 2019)

We are now going to the cover of The Economist of 1988, where the Rothschilds made a very important announcement for the world and it was a prophecy for 30 years … that is to say for 2018-2019, she was a phoenix that in her head carries the symbol of the Illuminati lineage, the fleur-de-lis, showing that it is that lineage that will carry out that prediction.(Economist 2019)Economist 2019

That phoenix is perched on dollar bills and on its chest a coin that announced the appearance of the arrival of a world currency that they called at that time as the “Phoenix”, remember that at that time the internet was not like today, so they would not refer to cryptocurrencies or virtual payments because at that time it was totally unknown, but it is clear that they spoke or announced something important for these dates regarding one of the plans related to the new world order as it is to impose a single currency for everyone.(Economist 2019)

They were rehearsing with the amero and it did not work, they have been trying with the dollar and it has not worked either, for these times we heard Maduro talking about Petro, a currency with which they could do their transactions around oil with China and with Russia. 

Russia has tried to bring its cryptocurrency but the Russian banks have opposed and it is like Putin has made it clear that each country should not have its own cryptocurrency but must fight for there to be one for all.

The Economist they said in 1988: In 
30 years, Americans, Japanese, Europeans, and people will pay for their purchases in the same currency in many other wealthy merchants and probably also in several relatively poor countries. The prices will be indicated not in dollars, yen or German marks, but let’s say the Phoenix. 

The Phoenix will be the preferred currency for companies and buyers, as it will be much easier than current national currencies, which at that time will be seen as a strange obstacle that caused many disruptions in the economic life of the twentieth century.

Anyway, the way they interpret 2019, black and white, is still impressive, synthesizing the current times when the world is more than ever divided between two forces, as we mentioned for 3 years, some pulling to the right and others to the left and with those desires that we are all governed by a single force, a single religion, a single currency, who will really know what it will bring next year, although something is certain … a reset, a stock market crash, a crisis or whatever … we already know who are the ones who will be behind it and better be warned … or at least informed.

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