Famous UFC Fighter Diego Sánchez claims to have had a close encounter with a UFO

UFC fighter Diego Sánchez says he was visited by a UFO in his backyard.

Diego Sánchez

Could there be an Ultimate Fighting Championship to determine the best mixed martial arts fighter in the entire galaxy? UFC star Diego ‘Nightmare’ Sánchez wouldn’t be surprised by that. In fact, the aliens may have already recruited him to fight for the title.

According to the fighter, who currently competes in the welterweight category, he had a close encounter of the first type that happened last Wednesday, while he was in the backyard of his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“I was training a bit in my yard when a UFO flew towards me. I called my daughter quick, and she saw this thing hovering just a few hundred feet up. Albuquerque is amazing, sightings are regular here. But this shit was a contact tonight, it was obvious that it was watching me, “said Sánchez on his Twitter account.

The responses on the social network were swift, with some taking it seriously, asking if he managed to take any photos or videos of the object, and others mocking his status as a fighter who, in his long career, received many blows to the head.

In the same thread, the fighter also assured that this is not the first time of the year in which he sighted a UFO, and responded to the skeptics saying: “When you are lucky enough to witness something like this, you do not run for a phone, you just look amazed at something that defies physics.

What did Sánchez and his daughter see in the sky? It is a mystery that for now has a couple of testimonies without further proof. If you live in Albuquerque and you saw something out of the ordinary last Wednesday night (November 11), you can leave us your testimony as well.

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