UFO Footage By Department of Homeland Security

Footage Of A UFO Chasing A US Air Force A-10 Aircraft Has Been Released By US Department of Homeland Security

A UFO chasing a US Air Force A-10 aircraft caught on camera has been posted online. The video has been posted by the US Department of Homeland Security through an anonymous source.

Footage Of A UFO Chasing A US Air Force A-10 Aircraft Has Been Released

The camera caught the UFO right from the ground when it first entered a collision course with a military aircraft, and then turned around and began to pursue it.

A source contended that the object has been examined and discovered to be an authentic UFO / UAP of unknown origin, demonstrating advanced flight capabilities.

It is evidently clear in the video that the UFO came extremely close to the A10, during its routine flight. It eventually began following and even catching up to the jet before switching the directions.

The A10 aircraft seemed to have taken notice of the object as it eventually turned and circled the same area again. The unidentified object once buzzed the A10 once again that too very closely before taking off in the opposite direction swiftly.

The FLIR operator observed the UFO till the very end while it suddenly accelerated at high speeds and flew out of sight. Upon analyzing the video, the researcher observed that the UFO is constantly changing.

Footage Of A UFO Chasing A US Air Force A-10 Aircraft Has Been Released

Surprisingly, the object was changing its structure constantly. It kept on changing its shape and sometimes it splits into two large objects of equal size and releases smaller objects out of itself.

On June 25, 2021, a report on UAPs was released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. According to the report, the UAPTF was unable to identify 143 objects spotted between 2004 and 2021.

The report contended that 18 of these featured unusual movement patterns or flight characteristics represented “breakthrough” technology.

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  1. They are trying to warm us up to the fact that the Gov’t has made contact and know of alien bases on earth.

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