Gary McKinnon: The Man Who Hacked NASA And Saw Secret Alien Documents And Space Programs

Twenty years ago, the United States was confronted with the largest hacking of military computers in history. 
And to everybody’s surprise, the brain behind this large-scale hacking was of a humble autistic Scottish hacker Gary McKinnon.
The purpose behind the hacking was not to gain money or fame, the hacker was just looking for information about the extraterrestrials.

Gary McKinnon: The Man Who Hacked NASA And Pentagon And Saw Secret Alien Documents

In early 2000, Scottish hacker Gary McKinnon was so fed up with the government withholding information regarding UFOs, extraterrestrials, and free energy that he decided to hack NASA and the Pentagon.

It is impossible to imagine how anyone could have hacked into the most secure Pentagon servers in the United States used by the military and NASA, but McKinnon succeeded.

His curiosity about UFOs and the existence of extraterrestrials brought the necessary information not only to him but great news to all conspiracy theorists and ufologists. 

What Documents Did Gary McKinnon Saw When He Hacked NASA And Pentagon

McKinnon stated that, in particular, he found the following evidence:

  •  Information about the creation of a secret space fleet and the existence of an inexhaustible source of energy for these secret spaceships.
Gary McKinnon: The Man Who Hacked NASA And Pentagon And Saw Secret Alien Documents
  • He claimed that he witnessed legit photographs of UFOs in computer files in the Johnson Space Center building. 
    He even snapped a screenshot of one of the cigar-shaped UFOs between space and Earth’s atmosphere. Unfortunately, it was later removed from his computer.
  • He also emphasized the fact that the authorities used photo editors in order to remove UFOs that accidentally fell on certain important photographs. 

When the information about this hack reached the US authorities, they demanded for more than 10 years extradition of McKinnon from the UK to the US in order to try him and imprison him. 
The United States has accused McKinnon of the largest hacking of military computers in history.

However, even then it was clear that if this happened, McKinnon could tell in court too much of what the US authorities would prefer not to disclose, even in a closed trial. 
This could be a real disaster for the Pentagon, as well as for all its military and space activities. 

However, when McKinnon’s story became public, he had a large support group that opposed his extradition and began collecting money for legal costs for him. 

As a result, in 2012, the British government simply rejected the request for his extradition, and all cases against him in the United States were closed. 
This happened after McKinnon was declared insane in the UK. Officially, McKinnon only suffers from Asperger’s, a highly functional form of autism. 

Among the sensational information, McKinnon found in the Pentagon files was information about “extraterrestrial officers”, “contacts between fleets” and a secret program called the Solar Warden. 
Apparently, the US military had a secret battalion in space that was used by the United States Naval Network and Space Operations Command (NNSOC). 
About 300 military personnel were involved in this program.

It was reported that he even found two specific names of ships from this program: USSS LeMay and USSS Hillenkoetter in one of the folders. 
Interestingly, US Navy ships usually have only two “S” in their names, but McKinnon clearly saw three “S” in the Pentagon files. 
It was assumed that the third letter “S” stands for the word “space” (Space), that is, we are talking about the US space fleet.

I also found a list of officers in the” Officers who do not work on Earth “section. This does not mean that this is a list of aliens, but it is the fact that they do not work on our planet. They served a fleet that did not consist of ships of the US Navy, but from spaceships far from our planet.”

Gary McKinnon

Curiously, in 2010, ufologist Darren Perks directly approached the US Department of Defense with a request to disclose information about a secret program known as “Solar Warden”, and he actually received an answered. 

“About an hour ago, I spoke to a NASA spokesman who confirmed that this was indeed their program, but it was canceled by the President. He also told me that this is not a joint program with the Department of Defense. The NASA spokesman told me that I should go to the manager FOIA of the Johnson Space Center.”

Darren Perks

No other additional information on this case has yet been reported, and it is almost impossible to find new information about Gary McKinnon on the network at all. 
What happened to him now is unknown, maybe he is underground.
The last time he was interviewed in the British media was in 2016, where he admitted that Theresa May’s decision to cancel his extradition to the United States essentially saved his life.

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  1. I wonder if people realise you can actually go to the NASA base on Texas and get clearance to sit and read some of their files. You may not be able to copy or take them with you but you can read them. Wouldn’t that be so much easier of you are going to go through all that trouble. As well as less of a risk.

  2. Yeah the keyword here is you can read SOME of the files. What Gary saw is not something they would allow you to read.

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