Google just predicted the year of the end of Humanity And it is not far!

It seems that every week there is a new apocalyptic theory .. and the last, from Google, suggests that “life as we know it will end in 2045”.(apocalypse)


However, this time the prediction has not come from a conspiracy theorist or an octopus. Instead, it comes from Google’s chief of engineering, Ray Kurzweil, who has suggested that robots “will reach human intelligence by 2029,” a movement that “will change the very nature of humanity.”(apocalypse)

At present, artificial intelligence (AI) is limited to the likes of voice assistants like Siri and computers like Deep Blue, which have outgrown the great masters in chess.(apocalypse)

So far, no AI has completely passed the infamous Turing test, which tests the ability of a machine to display intelligence indistinguishable from a human being. At the moment we have AI that is smart in doing one thing, but we expect a breakthrough in the next decade. Once you are able to adapt and rotate your hand on a wider variety of tasks, the Turing test will be approved.(apocalypse)

The next step will be SIA – artificial super-intelligence – where machines are smarter and stronger than humans.(apocalypse)

And this new era of robots is coming faster than previously expected with Google predicting that the machine will be as powerful as the human brain by 2029 with 2045 being the year that everything will change.(apocalypse)

No one knows exactly what this will mean for humanity, but we have seen enough science fiction to realize that it may not be good news. We doubt that Kurzweil is imagining a dystopian nightmare resembling Terminator, but there is a theory that AI will act to preserve itself at the expense of humans.(apocalypse)

Seeing that people are continually stuck to screens anyway, are we really that far from humans and machines being the same?(apocalypse)


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  1. has nothing to do with AI , Nibirus last pass was Joshuas long day est.1550 bce returns in parahelion every 3600 years…it will arc to the earth and some trailing meteors will hit …we will suffer a major reset that will take a hundred years to fully recover technologically.

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