Holes in the skull: Skilled surgeons lived in ancient Moldova

Several thousand years ago, a tribe lived on the territory of modern Transnistria in Moldova, which skillfully perfectly drilled holes in the skull. 

The trepanation was so highly developed here that the patients recovered even after several holes in the head. 

The first such skull was found in Transnistria three years ago, and recently a second one was found here with two holes in the upper part. Judging by the degree of healing, the patient survived both operations well and lived after them for at least a few more years  

Both the first and second skulls were found in burial mounds in the village of Glinoe, Slobodzey district. 

Russian archaeologists have been digging this place for several years

Holes in the skull: Skilled surgeons lived in ancient Moldova
1st Skull

According to Dr. Sergey Slepchenko of the Novosibirsk Institute of Archeology and Ethnography, the remains most likely belonged to a warrior, and the operation was performed using painkillers, most likely made from hemp

Scientists do not know for what purpose these holes were drilled, according to the most common version, for the relief of headaches, treatment for epilepsy, or for “obsession with spirits.” 

Holes in the skull: Skilled surgeons lived in ancient Moldova
2nd Skull

Such skulls with traces of trepanation are usually found very rarely, and two in the same area in three years is an incredible success. 

This also shows that such operations here were very common. 

The last skull found was dated 4 thousand years (Bronze Age) and belongs to a man from the so-called Ingul catacomb culture . 

The trepanation was probably done by scraping with a bronze instrument. 

The holes in the skull are not the only thing that surprised archaeologists in the last find.

 The remains of this man, in addition to everything, were buried in a fragmented form. What this ritual was, one can only guess. 

Clay jugs and small household items were found along with the remains in the burial. 

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