5 Horror Comics That Will Give You the Heebie-Jeebies

Do you enjoy comic books? What about horror comics?

Comic books and graphic novels have been popular for decades because of their artistic ways of story-telling. Horror graphic novels started becoming popular because of their controversy, and have inspired numerous television series.

Horror Comics

Some of the best horror comics feature scenes that can embed themselves into the minds of readers, making them remember the comic for years. While horror comics are designed to instill fright in readers, they still tell great stories.

Read on to learn about 5 of the best horror graphic novels and comics.

1. The Wilds

The Wilds is a comic that’s based around a zombie apocalypse. Zombies are quite common in pop culture, but The Wilds uses a blend of horror and art to portray a story about a girl named Daisy that is seeking her missing lover.

This comic takes a deeper look into how humans behave in stressful situations, and it focuses on the relationships between characters.

2. Hellraiser

Hellraiser is a franchise that revolves around human-like demons, the Cenobites, being unleashed into the world. The success of the original filmed spawned the comic series, which is known for its scary stories and character design.

The core of the story is a puzzle box that unleashes a pathway into the demon world. When that pathway is opened, the demons try to take humans for their experiments.

If you’d like to make a fan-made comic based on a movie like Hellraiser, you can use Adobe Spark to make free book covers for your project!

3. Clean Room

Clean Room is about demons, aliens, and monsters that are entering the world and controlling people. These monsters cannot be seen by people, except for a few. Chloe Pierce, the main character, learns about some secrets behind the monsters.

One of the noticeable elements of Clean Room is the usage of body horror. Rather than creating animal-like monsters, Clean Room focuses on alterations to the human body, such as long tongues and sharp nails.

4. Strange Embrace

If you’re interested in scary comics in a gothic setting, Strange Embrace is for you. It tells a story about a man with mental powers that goes through several flashbacks.

This comic focuses on the family of Anthony Corbeau and a man that is interested in him, Alex. The artwork in this comic is terrifying and based around human pathos.

5. Infidel

Infidel focuses on a Muslim woman that moved into a new apartment, which happens to feed off xenophobia. This comic mixes real-world terror with supernatural elements, making it a unique horror comic.

This comic was so successful that a movie based on it went into production shortly after the comic began. 

Horror comics are a way for artists to express themselves and for readers to feel a sense of fright. One of the best ways that people get others interested in their comics is making an interesting cover.

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