International Space Station captured a fleet of hundreds of UFOs heading towards Earth

If you are one of those who are curious by nature, NASA has a YouTube channel full of interesting videos, and among them is a live broadcast of the International Space Station (ISS). Recently, the ISS was moving at an undetermined location on Earth, and International Space Station captured a fleet of hundreds of UFOs

Gorden McKenna was the one who detected these anomalies in space and posted a video on April 2 that showed the ufos moving towards the earth

“Fleet (hundreds) of UFOs pass through the ISS,” says the video description.

As McKenna himself explained, he was watching the space station’s camera live when he observed the presence of strange objects moving towards earth. At first he thought they might be satellites or meteorites, but their speed increased, and after a few minutes they disappeared without a trace.

And as expected, the video has caused all kinds of reactions on social networks. There were many who thought that it could be a top-secret fleet of alien technology ships from the United States Air Force, more specifically the Space Force

Recall that, in late 2019, Donald Trump described space as the “newest domain in the world to fight a war . ” The Space Force must help deter aggression and control the “highest advantage position.”

The intention of this new military branch is to protect US facilities. in space, like satellites that are used for communication and surveillance. The Space Force will build on the work of the existing US Space Command. (SpaceCom), which was created in August to manage US military operations. in the space.

But skeptics offered other explanations. They said it appears to correspond to Earth, with thunderstorms at first and also city lights. Others suggested that it could be meteorites, and even Starlink satellites, sent by Elon Musk’s SpaceX since its launch in 2018 that have caused many people to mistake them for UFO sightings.

International Space Station captured a fleet of hundreds of UFOs

Although there is another possibility. the current coronavirus pandemic will be the beginning of an extraterrestrial invasion. It would all start with a virus that simply eradicates a large part of the planet’s population and reduces any possibility of defense. Then it would be a war between weakened humans and aliens.

Today the coronavirus pandemic is completely uncontrolled. The death toll exceeds 60,000 and there are more than 1 million positive cases in the world. The truth is that more and more people are convinced that the coronavirus pandemic hides something much more sinister, and with the population in mandatory confinement in their homes, this would be the ideal time to start the alien invasion.

What do you think about the video of the ISS? Do you think this is a UFO fleet approaching Earth? Is it the beginning of an alien invasion?

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  1. What the hell is going on in this world today people be com until you see one yourself this is a fuck up government and they scarying the shit out of y’all first 911 and coronaviurs and then alien wake the fuck up nation United 🌟

    1. Agreed. Alien evidence has been found in so many ancient instances, the risk of them being aggressive is ludicrous. Their technology is so much more advanced, if they wanted us or our planet, they would have taken it long ago. Since 911 the media has increasingly participated in a concerted effort to scare and control the people. Unfortunately, through their professionalism their victims will need an intervention to break the hold of indoctrination. This will not happen due to the sheer number of victims. Hold on to your socks, some of your friends and neighbors will be gunning for us.

    2. There are no aliens. Research Demons, Nephilim of the Bible are real. Look up stopped abductions by believing n Jesus Christ & calling for his help during a so called alien abduction. It’s a 99.9% success rate. The FF alien invasion is to fool Christians & bring about Bible prophesy. Don’t be fooled.

  2. There are no aliens it is simply gods word if u believe In God then trust in him this is the antichrist coming to take power but he knows hes only got a short time

  3. Dr. Steven Greer has a Youtube video of a webinar he gave on November 21st 2015.
    It is a nearly 4 hours in length, that preceded the release of his film “Unacknowledged” (still on Netflix) in 2017.
    I recommend the film on Netflix AND the youtube webinar.
    He clearly knows what he’s talking about.
    Be as skeptical as you wish. Call me crazy too.
    However, I think the US Military is involved here, using their tech that isn’t publicly known about, to gin up fear that “Aliens are attacking!!”. It’s bullshit that instills “panic” among the world population, and is a setup for Global “Full Spectrum Dominance”, by the powers that be.
    ET’s could’ve destroyed us, long ago.
    Frankly, we should not be concerned with potential “ET hostility”, rather ET’s are concerned about OUR hostility toward them.
    That concern began shortly after 1945 and our use of the Atom bomb on Japan.
    A british scientist quoted in the Netflix film said in regard to the Atom bomb’s destruction on Japan,
    “if you accept Multidimensional theory, it’s highly likely that we did a HELL of a lot of damage to someone else’s world…maybe More damage to them that was done to us!”
    I agree.

  4. Explaining another HOAX. It’s amazing what the HDEV camera from ISS Live Stream with a little zoom can see. Even though I watched the Live stream for years, I was surprised this time. Squid fishing. I’m more and more in love with this camera. And I will never stop asking myself, why don’t these people who see UFOs everywhere do serious research before talking nonsense …

  5. Working in these high chlorophyll areas, fishermen from South America and Southeastern Asia light up the ocean with powerful lamps that attract the plankton and fish species that the squid feed on. The squid follow their prey toward the surface, where they are easier for fishermen to catch with jigging lines. Squid boats can carry more than a hundred of these lamps, generating as much as 300 kilowatts of light per boat.

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