Marilyn Monroe Killed Due To Information About UFOs

Marilyn Monroe Murder Conspiracy: Killed Due To Knowledge About Aliens?

Considered the most sensual beauty icon of the 20th century, the story and life of Marilyn Monroe is associated with hundreds of conspiracy theories.

This top-secret information began to arrive in 1994 at the hands of the ‘Disclosure Project’, a research group on the extraterrestrial led by Dr. Steven Greer.

It has also been stated in the book “UFOs and the murder of Marilyn Monroe” by Donald R. Burleson, published in 2003.

More recently, the documentary called ‘Unacknowledge’ directed by Michael Mazzola, a scholar of US history with aliens, also assures that Monroe’s death is due to knowing too much about issues related to the UFO phenomenon.

In the documentary, Steven Greer refers to a topic that has been discussed previously, but that the actress had not disclosed.

According to a secret CIA report written on August 2, 1962, the mythical actress and Hollywood star, who had an affair with President Kennedy, had started to “drink” too much.

“There was a danger that she would reveal Roswell’s secret to the public, as she was disgusted by the little attention John F. K paid her.”

These data were obtained by telephone with Howard Rothberg, a New York merchant who knew about it from journalist Dorothy Kilgallen, who mysteriously committed suicide in 1965.

Marilyn Monroe Killed Due To Information About Aliens

“Rothberg said that Monroe had secrets to tell, no doubt stemming from her romantic relationships with the President and the Attorney General.”

“One of these ‘secrets’ was that the president visited a secret airbase for the purpose of inspecting ‘things’ coming from outer space.”

Monroe repeatedly called the attorney general and complained about how she was being ignored by the president and her brother.

“She threatened to hold a press conference and reveal the truth about aliens.”

This would motivate those responsible for the national security agency to act, who allegedly always gave “an order to liquidate the actress.”

The next day, August 3, 1962, Marilyn Monroe was found “dead by suicide” in her Los Angeles apartment.

Whether it is true or not, Marilyn Monroe’s life continues to be talked about decades after her death.

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