Mysterious skulls found in the briefcase of a Nazi secret society

Mysterious skulls found in the briefcase of a Nazi secret society
It is known that the Ahnenerbe, was intended to study the origin of the Aryan race and had a deep interest in the occult sciences and esoteric knowledge

In the mountains of the Russian Caucasus, inside a briefcase with the emblem of the Ahnenerbe, one of the most secret occult societies within the Nazi SS-, two Mysterious skulls were found that do not correspond to any creature known to science, something so strange as macabre.

Ahnenerbe is an acronym meaning a Society for Research and Teaching on German Ancestral Heritage. 
This German organization, made up of more than 350 specialists, was active between 1939 and 1945, dedicating itself exclusively to the study of the traditions, history and heritage of the so-called Aryan race, and therefore began multiple archaeological and anthropological expeditions for almost around the world, which included destinations such as Tibet and the Caucasus.
It was known by the high hierarchs of the Third Reich, such as Hitler or Himmler.

Members of this sect were especially interested in the enigmatic dolmens due to the high level of natural radioactivity in the Kishinski Canyon region.
It is also believed that during the phase of World War II, the Germans had a bell shaped UFO, called the bell.

Russian newspapers highlighted the discovery of a briefcase in perfect condition with the Ahnenerbe emblem, it housed inside a map of the region written in German and two small mysterious skulls that, until now, scientists have not been able to identify the skulls.
Neither they are human, nor do they correspond to any animal, so it is presumed, they are of extraterrestrial origin.

Mysterious skulls found in the briefcase of a Nazi secret society
Front and side view of one of the skulls found

The briefcase was found in the mountains of Adygea, next to the megalithic constructions of the region, to where the members of the Ahnenerbe moved, in 1941, to investigate the ancient dolmens, where, according to them are burials of a race unknown, and they even assure that in some of the tombs three meters high human skeletons have been found.

On the briefcase, the engraving belonging to the Ahnenerbe Secret Society can be clearly distinguished

The two skulls found had a round hole one finger thick at the bottom, which is the base of the column.
And its position indicates that this creature moved on two legs.

“The eye sockets, meanwhile, are unusually large and the facial bones are flat, as in hominids. “

reported the scientists who analyzed them.


The skulls had unusually large eye sockets, because of this they are presumed to have an alien origin.

The Republic of Adygea, developed between the 4th and 1st centuries BC, is one of the most important Russian megalithic centers. 
Also known as Portal Tombs, the dolmens of the Caucasus stretch along the Black Sea coast.
It is suspected that the Nazis were interested in the dolmens for thinking that they were, perhaps, entrances to other worlds or constructions of alien civilizations.

This fact has led to numerous hypotheses being launched about the Nazis having contact with extraterrestrial beings and this is the most palpable demonstration.

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