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NASA reveals that there was extraterrestrial life on Mars

After disturbing the entire world for a week about an important announcement related to Mars, NASA has just revealed that they have found signs of past life on the red planet . Yes, NASA just said that Mars could have hosted life about 3 billion years ago. For decades it has been denying and discrediting anyone who dared to publicly assure the existence of life on Mars, be they conspiracy theorists or other scientists.

And now we find a revealing news. “Resistant organic molecules” have been found trapped within sedimentary rocks dating back to about 3 billion years, on the Martian surface. But that is not all. They have also found another important ingredient for life: methane in the Martian atmosphere . Apparently, researchers have found that the gas goes through seasonal variations in its levels.

As we have commented previously, the findings have been revealed in a recent statement from the US space agency . And although NASA pointed out that while this revelation is not evidence of life itself on the red planet, it is a very important one for where, how and what to look for in future missions.

The Substance of Life

According to NASA, for any substance to be labeled as “organic” it must be composed of carbon and hydrogen. They can also contain nitrogen, oxygen and some other elements. But these molecules can also be created non-biologically.

“With these new findings, Mars tells us to stay the course and keep looking for evidence of life,”said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate. “I am confident that our current and future missions will unlock even more impressive discoveries on the red planet.”

extraterrestrial life on Mars - NASA reveals that there was extraterrestrial life on Mars

However, the researchers warn that the organic matter discovered in the Gale crater may have nothing to do with the existence of life in the past . It is possible that the molecules could have been generated by geological processes or have reached Mars through meteorites.

“The Curiosity rover has not determined the origin of the organic molecules ,  said Jennifer Eigenbrode, a NASA astrobiologist and lead author of the study. “You already have a record of ancient life, which was food for life, or if it has existed in the absence of life. The organic matter in Martian materials contains chemical clues about planetary conditions and processes. “

The Curiosity rover found these samples after drilling about 5 cm in mudstone, rocks that have formed over billions of years at the bottom of an ancient lake that is now known as the Gale crater. Some of the molecules identified in this mission are thiophenes, toluene, benzeneand other small carbon chains, such as propane. As for methane, there are seasonal variations that the Mars Sample Analysis (SAM) instrument of Curiosity could detect in a span of three Martian years, about 6 Earth years.

There are repetitive patterns that show how, within the Gale crater, the methane level reaches its maximum during the hot summer months and dies during cold winters, as if the surface is “breathing” . While it is possible that this release of methane may be strictly a geological and chemical phenomenon, it could also be organic, according to NASA.

“Are there signs of life on Mars?” Said Michael Meyer, principal scientist of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program. “We do not know, but these results tell us we are on the right track.”

The next mission to Mars was launched on May 5. The InSight probe will be the first to scan the interior of the planet. It is expected to land on the red planet in November of this year.

One more step for the great revelation

This new revelation is very good. Cyclical variations in the concentration of methane in the atmosphere and complex organic compounds in Mars rocks. But what seems to have gone unnoticed is that NASA, after assuring by active and passive that it is not possible that there was or that there is life on the red planet, now tells us that it can be.

nasa extraterrestrial life on Mars - NASA reveals that there was extraterrestrial life on Mars

What NASA’s recent discovery really reveals is that perhaps those scientists who have claimed that there was extraterrestrial life on Mars are right. One of these scientists has been Dr. John Brandenburg , who in 2014 explained that two ancient Martian civilizations were annihilated by other extraterrestrials with nuclear weapons. His research was based on the fact that the Martian surface is covered with a thin layer of radioactive substances such as uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium, a pattern that radiates from a hot spot on Mars. The explanation for this is that a nuclear explosion could have sent the debris of these civilizations all over the planet.

Another scientist who believes that there was life on Mars is Barry DiGregorio. At the beginning of this year he commented on some enigmatic figures in the form of tubes in the rocks of the red planet that were discovered by the Curiosity rover. For DiGregorio the images of the American space agency the strange formations were similar to the fossil footprints of the Ordovician, a division of the geological time scale that belongs to the Paleozoic Era. In short, fossils of Martian dinosaurs.

And there are also scientists who have gone further, such as the astrobiologist Rhawn Joseph, who filed a lawsuit against NASA in the United States District Court , Northern District of California, alleging that they are involved in a conspiracy  to not report the existence of extraterrestrial life on Mars. However, with the recent discovery of the US space agency, those who really spoke the truth are all these scientists, who at one point sacrificed their reputation to defend the truth.

And now all we have to know is the next revelation from NASA: Will it say that the sphinx or other objects that have appeared in the images sent by the different rovers on Martian soil are from extraterrestrial civilizations?

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