Parallel Universe Exists And Soon You Will Experience It Yourself

Do you think that somewhere in a parallel universe there is your other self, who is also reading this article? Dr.Greene, The author of the book The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the laws of the cosmos, believes so.

An increasing number of cosmologists agree with Green that there are plenty of other universes, and one of them is only a few millimeters away from us. however, we can not see it as it is located in a different dimension than the four that we know.

Max Tegmark of MIT believes that this “Multiverse” model can underpin modern physics and sooner or later we will be able to explore it. “This is not science fiction,” he says, “this is the reality.”

With the development of research which is conducted at CERN, scientists are increasingly talking about the so-called. “New physics”, which promises a great understanding of the obscurity that hides the universe. This new direction includes work with dark energy, the mysterious force that could indicate the presence of the “sister” of the universe around us.

In this universe, they recently picked out special happening like. “Rushing” Andromeda galaxy at a distance of 2.2 million years the Milky Way speed of 320000 km / h. This phenomenon would make sense if the gravity of an unseen universe pushed these two galaxies together. And it could be proof that a parallel universe is somewhere close.

Parallel universe

Uncovering this cosmic mystery attracts a variety of countries including the EU, Taiwan, China, Russia, and of course the USA.

Therefore one might ever see a parallel universe? In a recent interview for the PBS American cosmologist Clifford Johnson said that at present this topic talks like fiction, but that the scientists are trying to figure it out. Some experts think that’s what constitutes the human body – that of matter and the forces of gravity and magnetism – links us with the universe.

The four dimensions that we know, only allow us to look up, down, left, and right. The Parallel universe may be very close, but we can not perceive it. First, we need to learn a new way of kind of peripheral vision.

But it is possible that one day we will be able to interact with parallel universes via gravity. What would it be, however, if the parallel universe were discovered? Johnson says: “Maybe we will feel less like genuine personality, perhaps we will be grateful; because we will be able to do things During which we ran out of time! “

Green adds that there can be many parallel universes. Some will not be able to differentiate from our own and others, on the contrary, we will live with a completely different family, work, and life story.

Experts believe that with the incredible advances in science and research of parallel universes, one day it will become a proven fact. Imagine that it was discovered by another country, and we should have to agree with their alter ego to exchange places.

What will happen? Do we combine our differences to become better people, or do we fight against each other?

When it will be possible to contact a parallel universe? Some scientists CONSIDER that is achievable within five years. Others, less enthusiastic professionals estimate that the necessary technologies will be invented, ranging from 50 to 100 years. So be prepared!

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