The Squid Aliens Encounter Of Patricia Lyons - Saw Alien Planets And Disappeared Without A Trace

The Squid Aliens Encounter Of Patricia Lyons – Saw Alien Planets And Disappeared Without A Trace

On May 21, 2007, a young resident of Jackson, Wyoming, USA, named Patricia Lyons, disappeared from her bedroom without a trace. The day before she was preparing for the exam and, as usual, before an important event, she went to bed early. Let’s dig deeper into this strange case of an encounter with squid aliens.

The Squid Aliens Encounter Of Patricia Lyons

The Encounter Of Patricia Lyons With Squid Aliens

Her parents claimed that in the morning when they realized that Patricia Lyons was not at home, all the windows and doors in the house were locked, and the keys were in place. That is, the girl could not leave the house on her own and lock it.

This strange incident caused a great commotion in the small town. The police of the city, and then the entire state of Wyoming, began an urgent search for the missing girl. But no evidence in favor of the abduction or evidence that she herself escaped could be found. 

On the fourth day after Patricia’s disappearance, her best friend, named Bella, stated that shortly before Patricia’s disappearance, Patricia Lyons told her about strange things happening to her. So she received some telepathic messages to the brain, she had a severe headache and her nose was bleeding.

No one believed Bella, and a doctor’s examination for bleeding revealed no health problems in Patricia Lyons.

A couple of days later, Patricia’s parents suddenly received an SMS on their phone from an unknown number. It was Patricia. She wrote that she was in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. It turned out that in less than a week the girl traveled more than half of the United States and ended up in neighboring Canada.

Considering that the student did not know how to drive a car, and it was generally impossible to get there by hitchhiking during this period, this case intrigued the police.

At the time of Patricia’s stay in Canada, she did not say anything about how she ended up here, but local doctors examined her just in case and did not find any injuries. But when the girl returned to the USA to her parents, she began to tell incredible things.

First of all, she stated that she had visited the base of aliens. And before that, for two months she received telepathic messages from unknown creatures. More precisely, she seemed to be “eavesdropping” on other people’s conversations, since it was not clear whether she was being addressed. 

She heard at least three different personalities speaking in a cryptic language that Patricia Lyons did not understand. 

On the very night that Patricia disappeared, she was awakened by a voice already familiar to her from “eavesdropping”. Only this time it came from somewhere above, and not through telepathy. The girl opened her eyes and saw that she was not in her bedroom, but in some narrow niche in the wall. Trying to stand on the floor, she noticed with horror that there was no floor. 

The niche ended up in a pipe, which was an elongated hall with many niche holes in the walls. There were people in some of them, but there were also niches with non-human beings and there were quite a lot of them.

The girl took a step and felt that, despite the absence of a floor, she literally moved through the air and did not fall. Patricia decided to take a walk in an unfamiliar place, and then she was picked up by a current of air, as if by an invisible hand, and directed towards a rounded hole. 

The doors opened and she rushed in. There were little white cubes, there were millions and billions of them. She took one in her hand. It looked like refined sugar, but she didn’t dare to taste it.

Then three creatures entered the room, most of all similar to octopuses or squids. They were dressed in black overalls and had special devices on their heads, possibly for breathing. When they spotted Patricia, they were startled, changed color from greenish to crimson, and ran away. 

Then the same invisible hand or a stream of air pushed the girl out of the room and lowered her several tens of floors below. The Squids were already waiting for her there. It was only at that moment that Patricia realized that she was not breathing with her lungs and came to the conclusion that her body did not need to breathe in that place.

The Squid Aliens Encounter Of Patricia Lyons

About 20 aliens were located in a semicircle on the upper tier. The girl herself was below on a small platform. The light was dim. For some time, the sitting creatures were discussing something, it was evident from their gestures. But since they were behind a glass structure, it was impossible to hear them. Patricia thought that if she had heard them, she would not have understood their language anyway. 

Then the “squids” made contact with the girl. Images of hundreds of galaxies with captions appeared in front of her, and Patricia realized that she had been asked to indicate where she was from. Alas, the names were in unknown languages, but after a while, Patricia Lyons managed to discover the Milky Way.

When she managed to point to the Milky Way, a detailed hologram of this galaxy appeared in front of her. Thanks to her knowledge of astronomy, the girl found the solar system and then pointed to the Earth. After that, the “squids” began to discuss something loudly again, and now it lasted even longer. 

It seemed to the girl that many hours had passed. She felt very tired and stood with the last of her strength. Finally, the hologram disappeared, and then the light went out. The girl sat on the floor from impotence, but then an invisible stream returned her to a room with white cubes. 
One of them flew up to Patricia’s mouth and she ate it. She instantly felt a surge of energy and she wanted to eat more cubes. But she did not have time, the flow sent her back to the room with 20 “squids”. 

There, holographic images of galaxies reappeared in front of her face. Many of the galaxies shone greenish blue, some were yellow, and the Milky Way was black, as were a few others. 

Telepathic voices sounded again in her head and she felt a strong pain in her temples and forehead. Noticing that she was writhing in pain, the voices fell silent. Patricia lost consciousness and woke up in a niche in the wall. How much time had passed, she did not know. She couldn’t get the hologram out of her mind, where the Milky Way was painted black.

According to her theory, the black color on the galaxies indicated that these galaxies had not yet entered into any universal union or league, but she also had a version that maybe this color indicated that beings from such galaxies were not suitable for “squids” according to for some reasons. Maybe that’s why she didn’t understand a word of the aliens’ conversations. 

Patricia Lyons thought that people for these creatures might look too undeveloped, retarded, incapable of telepathic contact, and still learned how to launch rockets. She also thought that maybe people seem too aggressive and cruel for them, which is why they are not a candidate for full membership in intergalactic associations.

The next day, Patricia was released from the niche for a medical examination. She was placed in a glass capsule and her body was scanned using a device very similar to an MRI. She took a blood test, a few hairs, and cut off her nails. 

After some time, Patricia Lyons was returned to Earth and found herself in her pajamas near Kirkland Lake in Canada. Patricia no longer remembered any details, but she did not feel negative about her “adventure” and she really wanted to return to the “squid”, which she repeatedly admitted to her parents.

After that, four years passed, and gradually the story of Patricia’s strange disappearance from the local society began to be forgotten, like her stories about alien octopuses. But in 2011, Patricia disappeared from her bedroom again, this time for good. She was never found.

Her parents are still waiting that maybe Patricia will still contact them by phone, like the first time. In a 2018 interview, Patricia’s father said that if his daughter is happy where she is, then he is ready to accept the fact that he will never see her again. 

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