The Pentagon admits to having made secret investigations of UFOs for five years and there is a video that proves it

Earlier this year a study by researchers at the University of Kent, England, revealed that people who believe in conspiracy theories are more likely to be selfish and narcissistic. In addition, it showed strong links between the belief in this type of theories and negative psychological traits. Well, it seems that the researchers at the University of Kent have been portrayed, since the conspiracy theorists are right again.(Pentagon)

Finally, “the truth is out there” , after the Pentagon admitted to having carried out a secret UFO investigation program for five years until 2012. The “X-Files” operation of the United States Department of Defense, known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, closed after a change in funding priorities. But the surprising revelation has raised more questions than answers, even if the program has been completely closed, or simply if it continues to operate secretly.

What is this mysterious program?

The UFO investigations were conducted through the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program of the United States government. The American newspaper The New York Times revealed the existence of the program through a series of interviews and requests for government documents and the Pentagon has just recognized it. Moreover, former military intelligence officer Luis Elizondo executed the program “on the fifth floor of the P-ring of the Pentagon” , deep in the labyrinthine building. However, some parts of the program remain classified.

One of the UFO investigations conducted by the program involved the study of videos of US military aircraft and unknown objects. In a video of the Department of Defense decalcified in August it shows a “whitish oval object the size of a commercial airplane” pursued by two Boeing fighter jets F / A-18 Super Hornet detected by the USS Princeton in 2004. The UFO appeared from the nothing at about 24,000 meters high, plummeting towards the sea, and then floating on the water at 6,000 meters. Then it rose again to descend below the radar range of the USS Princeton, considered the most sophisticated and powerful planet.

According to The New York Times, the mysterious ship was flying erratically, remaining on the disturbance of the waves, but not moving in a specific direction. Commander David Fravor explained that the disturbance in the waves was foamy, as if the water was boiling. When the plane approached the mysterious object, it accelerated as it had never seen it before and disappeared. But then something happened that left the pilots speechless. When the planes began to retreat to another position 90 kilometers away, the radar showed that the object reappeared there in less than a minute.

How was a former senator involved in this project?

Nevada State Democrat and former US Senator Harry Reid lobbied for funding for the program in 2007, according to The New York Times investigation. Reid describes himself as someone who has long had an interest in space phenomena.

“I’m not ashamed or apologetic to start this, ” Reid told The New York Times. “I’ve done something that nobody had accomplished before.”

And it turns out that Reid’s interest was shared by one of his Las Vegas friends, billionaire real estate mogul Robert Bigelow. A portion of the funds for UFO research came from the Bigelow aerospace firm. The New York Times won contracts that show that Congress allocated just under $ 22 million to the program from the end of 2008, which extended until 2011. The budget granted to Bigelow’s firm was used to manage the program, investigation and assessments of the threat posed by the mysteries objects.


The American television network CBS described Bigelow as someone “obsessed with UFOs and aliens”, in addition to being absolutely convinced that aliens are real and that spacecraft from other planets have already landed on our planet. The billionaire is currently working with NASA to produce expandable spacecraft for humans to use in space.

And what do the skeptics say about this surprising news?

It was expected that such news would create a general stir. The fact that public opinion must give reason to the conspiracy theorists who have been denouncing this type of project for years has not been good for certain circles. Sara Seager, an astrophysicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has been one of the first skeptics to speak out about it. Seager told The New York Times that just because the origin of a flying object is unknown does not mean it is a spacecraft from another planet or galaxy. However, he acknowledged that unusual phenomena “are worth investigating seriously” , since there are phenomena in science that can not be explained.

For his part, James E. Oberg, a former NASA space shuttle engineer and author of 10 books on space flights, said there are many prosaic events and human perception traits that can explain videos like the one decalcified by the Pentagon. As we can see, the skeptics refuse to accept the idea that ships from other worlds are visiting our planet and try to find other explanations, however absurd they may be.

But the important thing about the revelation of The New York Times is that the conspiracy theorists are right again, and what has long been denounced has come to light. Now we just need to know that other theories will come true: Nibiru , the false alien invasion , false flags or maybe reptilians are among us?

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