Phantom Water Drops

Phantom Water Drops- Mysterious Drops Of Water Out Of Nowhere

A user on Reddit wrote a post that drops of moisture repeatedly fell on him from somewhere above in the room and on the street and he could not find a logical source of this moisture or the phantom water drops.

In response to this post, he received many comments from people who have experienced this.

Some users indicated that in cases on the street it could be bird urine, but others reasonably noticed to them that birds do not produce separate urine, their waste mixes and is excreted through one hole in the form of white liquid droppings, which is not at all like transparent water drops.

One user suggested that it is all about water molecules that condense in the air and form droplets. However, this is difficult to apply for cases inside the house, since the microclimate inside small rooms, where there is no high humidity, is usually insufficient to create concentrated water droplets.

Another user discovered that mysterious water droplets falling from above from an invisible or incomprehensible source are not actually seen on the internet for the first time, there are at least several videos on Youtube about this, where the phenomenon is called Phantom Water Drops.

The Phantom Water Drops – What Are They?

“Throughout my life, I have experienced strange phenomena when a lonely drop of water hit my face (sometimes hitting my arm / shoulder), when I am inside the house, or when I go outside, and there was no rain outside, or at least clouds. 

These droplets always leave a wet spot, so I know this isn’t just some kind of tactile error. This happened in different ways, but in no case has there ever been a logical and obvious reason where this water could come from.

By the way, I also regularly experience other strange things like intense deja vu, synchronicity and UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena). Has anyone else encountered this? “

Some wrote that they mostly experienced these phantom water drops in childhood and much less often in adulthood. Basically, people agreed that most often these mysterious drops fall on the face, hands, and sometimes on the neck.

Phantom Water Drops

“Yes, definitely, this happened to me and I would never think to write about it here. Sometimes they just appear randomly, usually just one or two, but sometimes up to a dozen. When it happens outside, I usually attribute it to random splashes from rain or a bird flying past, but when it happens indoors, then rain, birds, or someone’s spitting can be safely ruled out. It’s inexplicable. I call it “Unexplained Dripping Objects” (UDO) “.

“I’ve never experienced it, but my daughter has said it at least twice. And I’m pretty sure she was either in the car or in the house both times, so it couldn’t have been raining.”

“Wow – no one ever talked about this. It happened to me twice in my life and both times hit my forehead, and there was no leak anywhere. Very strange!”

“It happened once when I was sitting on the couch. It was a small pinkish blob. I still don’t know where it came from. All I know is that my cat was absolutely scared by the basement in this house and was standing on guard at the top of the stairs, rising from the basement. “

“They almost always fall on my nose. And it always scares me. Once it happened even when my face was turned down and somehow a drop of water fell on my nose. Maybe we are all really in what coma and they’re trying to splash water in our faces to wake us up … (just kidding). “

“It happens to me regularly at least once a week. It’s a crazy feeling.”

“Yes, I have experienced this! And I not only feel the drops falling on my skin (what could be a neurological phenomenon?), But I also hear them randomly. Sometimes I even noticed the sound of dripping drops on the audio recordings.”

“Yes, I can feel it all the time when I am indoors.”

“Same thing. I was sitting in my living room one day and I felt a drop in my hand. Since then I have regularly inspected the ceiling for water leaks, but it has always been an ordinary dry, cracked surface. I have also experienced this outdoors and there was no rain at that moment. “

“I saw something similar, but not quite. About three weeks ago, I was walking home and passed a church surrounded by a horribly ugly parking lot, which is always full of puddles. The weather was cloudy, but there was no rain. And I passed two separate puddles that are about one meter apart, and a ton of water drops suddenly fell into one of them, as if it had rained directly over this puddle. I looked at all the other puddles, and none of them had this. “.

Phantom Water Drops

“Wow. This just started happening to me this year. But always outside. It happened maybe three or four times. The last time I started wondering what exactly was going on. I have no idea. My thoughts are like this. This is either an insect or a bird that drops something from itself. I live in North Texas, and we have tons of cicadas in our trees. I’m not sure if they can release at least some liquid, but I thought maybe this is it? “

“It happened to me. Rarely these days, but 15 years ago it happened all the time indoors. A couple of times recently. I still want to collect some of these drops for analysis, but I was never ready for it. I think you need to keep there is a small sealed container in your pocket. Will it be saline? What impurities are in it? The problem is that you are scraping it off your contaminated skin. “

“I had this strange case when I was talking to my brother, and suddenly a stream of water poured from the ceiling, as if falling from an open tap, and instead of splashing on the floor, it just disappeared. It had nowhere to go and nowhere to go. . The water just appeared and disappeared before our eyes. “

“I have experienced this myself many times. Especially after losing a loved one, so I always wondered if it was a spiritual thing, as it seemed to be related to an increased sensitivity to the supernatural. My strongest memory of this experience was a few years ago. as I sat on the couch and felt a heavy drop of water hit the top of my head and slowly felt its coolness on my scalp through my thick hair. No water was found anywhere. “

“This happens to me several times a year. The strangest thing was when I was lying in bed and a drop of water fell on my nose and left a wet, damp spot. one like that. I have no idea what it is. “

“Yes, this happened to me twice. I have no idea what caused it, but it was not sweat or rain. The first one was many years ago, the last one was last month, on my birthday. I saw it when the drop fell on my right hand. I didn’t want to but had to taste it to make sure it wasn’t my sweat, even though I wasn’t sweating. It wasn’t salty. I don’t know why it happened. The second time was when I thought about my father, who died last December. I have no explanation. “

“Thought I was the only one. This has happened a lot to me lately. Trying to remember, I think it happened a few times indoors, but mostly outdoors on clear sunny days. I was the one who got one- the only drop that accidentally falls on me from the sky. “

What do you guys think these phantom water drops are? Have you ever experienced any? Leave us your comments below.

Source – Reddit

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