Photograph of a mountaineer shows a UFO on Mount Everest

Many people have long believed that they are not the only creatures that inhabit the universe. And if you also believe in the reports, we could have a more substantial proof of the existence of extraterrestrials in India. There are countless stories about UFO sightings and covert operations on the Kongka Pass, an Indo-Chinese pass that lies under the Himalayas . There have been numerous sightings of unidentifiable ships and saucers over this disputed region.(UFO on Mount Everest)

According to some inhabitants, the remote region is not only a landing strip for UFOs, but there is also a fully functional extraterrestrial base . Geographically, this region is where two tectonic plates overlap, making the depth of the Earth’s crust almost double that of other regions of the world. This only feeds the theories about the existence of an extraterrestrial base in the depths of the Earth. And the truth is that there are many who claim to have seen UFOs floating in the sky before disappearing on the ground, probably accessing the secret underground base.(UFO on Mount Everest)

And this is what happened on Mount Everest, where an unidentified flying object has been sighted. The mysterious disk-shaped object can not be a drone or a helicopter because of the height of the mountain, the highest on planet Earth with a height of 8,848 meters above sea level.(UFO on Mount Everest)

The UFO of Mount Everest

An unidentified flying object has been seen in the foothills of Mount Everest, in the Himalayas. The strange object, which has a disk shape, can not be an unmanned aircraft or helicopter due to the height at which it is operating, at an approximate height of 8,000 meters above sea level.

The mysterious snapshot is part of a series of 477 images created by American climber and filmmaker David Breashears as part of a mosaic of two billion pixels aimed at recording the effects of climate change. The images were taken in 2012 but now experts in the UFO subject have seen the strange object.(UFO on Mount Everest)

UFO on Mount Everest - Photograph of a mountain climber shows a UFO on Mount Everest

The controversial channel UFO Today, who apparently discovered the UFO in the images of Breashears, ensures that it is impossible that it is a drone or an aircraft made by humans because of the altitude of the mountain. On the other hand, conspiracy theorists and ufologists have long been denouncing the presence of subterranean secret bases ‘Area 51’ in the Himalayan zone, especially in the practically inaccessible border area of ​​Ladakh, between India and China.

Last year, the declassified CIA archives revealed seven UFO sightings of Nepal, India and Bhutan in 1968. Two of these sightings occurred in Nepal, including one in which an intermittent burning object accompanied by a great rumble disintegrated the western part of the country.(UFO on Mount Everest)

But most surprising of all is that some witnesses said they found in a crater a huge disk-shaped metal object with a base one meter eighty wide and one meter high, eight kilometers northeast of Pokhara, known for Be the gateway to the Annapurna circuit, a popular route through the Himalayas. They managed to recover some remains of the mysterious object, although today nothing is known where they are guarded.

And how could it be otherwise, this new UFO evidence on Mount Everest has caused all kinds of reactions on social networks. After several media echoed the news, many netizens wanted to give their opinion about the strange object in the sky. The most skeptical believe that it can be a bird or a drone, thus discrediting the theory of the UFO and the extraterrestrial secret bases in the remote region.

What’s more, unbelievers rely on the fact that, in 2015, aerial film experts Teton Gravity Research published the first ultra HD images of the Himalayas taken from more than 6,000 meters high with the GSS C520, a camera system with gyroscopic stabilization most advanced in the world. They managed to record it from a helicopter.

UFO on Mount Everest - Photograph of a mountain climber shows a UFO on Mount Everest

And in the case that it was not terrestrial technology, then it is possible that it was a goose, since a study revealed that these birds manage to reach a maximum altitude of 7,290 meters, becoming one of the highest birds they fly with flapping wings.

But it is hot that the skeptical explanation has been quickly refuted, since the geese only reach these heights exceptionally, at night and with little help from the air currents. And in the case of the drone, we must remember that Breashears images were taken in 2012, when it was still not possible for any drone to fly over Mount Everest. So the only possible explanation is that of an unidentified flying object. Now we only need to know if its origin is extraterrestrial.(UFO on Mount Everest)

Do not hesitate to give your opinion. Do you think it’s an extraterrestrial spacecraft or probe accessing a secret base on Everest? Or do you have another explanation that challenges the theories of conspirators?

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