Prison Planet Theory: Humans are the Real Aliens on Earth

One of the most speculative conspiracy theories says that humanity (or our ancestors, those Australopithecines, and Cro-Magnons) were brought to Earth from somewhere in outer space, and did not naturally develop on this planet. This theory is also known as Prison Planet Theory.

A subspecies of Prison Planet Theory is one that assumes the emergence of people due to the experiences of aliens who crossed their genes with the genes of terrestrial primates.

Although this theory, for obvious reasons, is considered completely insane and probably only the most fanatical ufologists believe in it, there are a number of signs that obviously say that people are simply not adapted to life on Earth, unlike other living creatures.

The Prison Planet Theory

This theory is one of the most common regarding the idea that people on Earth are real aliens. This theory says that we are all actually descendants of prisoners who were once brought here from other planets and left to survive.

This theory explains both the strange aggressiveness and cruelty of people and the fact that since ancient times, people have been fascinated by stars and celestial bodies. Not a single animal, including higher primates, is ever interested in heaven and stars. 

In addition to this, there are other signs that people on Earth are strangers. 

Persistent chronic diseases

Most people in one form or another suffer from chronic diseases. Even those who consider themselves healthy. Think about the last time you felt well? It is really good when the head did not hurt when the nose did not flow from the slightest draft or pollen of plants, etc. 

Take even our reaction to the Sun, many animals can be exposed to the sun around the clock and it does not harm them but humans tan in a couple of hours, and if they are exposed to sunlight any longer, they suffer sunburn and if this happens often, then there will be cancer and other unpleasant sores. 

People cannot even look at the Sun through their eyes without risking damage to their eyesight, although other living things may very well do this. We also don’t feel the Earth’s magnetic field, which birds and many animals feel, and our hearing is extremely poorly developed. 

Back pain

Back pain is an almost constant symptom of people aged, or even younger. We all suffer one way or another from this. Which animals are also often tormented by back pain? There are no such. 

A possible explanation for this is that we are used to a completely different gravity. On our “native” planet, it is most likely not so high. Writer and ufologist Ellis Silver considers back pain the most important sign that the Earth is not the home planet of people. 

It’s more convenient for people to live on a 25-hour schedule

According to sleep experts, the human body clock is more adapted to a 25-hour day than a 24-hour one. Because of this, they say, people often have trouble sleeping. And these problems were with people many centuries ago, and are not a consequence of the modern “fast” lifestyle.

According to ufologists, most likely this indicates that the home planet of people has a 25-hour rotation period. And even thousands of generations later, our organisms are still guided by such a schedule and cannot get used to the earthly. 

Birth complications

In animals, too, from time to time there may be problems with childbirth, but this does not happen closely as often as in humans. Before the development of the modern level of medicine, mothers often even died during childbirth, often taking babies with them. 

For animals, pregnancy is a difficult but natural part of the life cycle, and only in humans, it is associated with huge risks to health and life. And now women often cannot bear babies, cannot give birth naturally due to too narrow birth canals or for other reasons.

Perhaps due to the presence on Earth, the heads of human babies became too large (to develop faster?), While the woman’s body itself did not change at all. 

Very slow development of a human baby

Despite the fact that a human baby is born with a very large head, its subsequent development is extremely slow. In the animal world, there is nothing similar even among the higher primates – chimpanzees and gorillas, although their life expectancy is approximately equal to humans. 

Only closer to 2 years, a human cub begins to walk and all this time mothers have to carry children on themselves. 

The same ufologist Ellis Silver is sure that all this is due to the fact that, in fact, a human baby should be born much more than 9 months. About like elephants for almost 2 years, no less. And when he is born after a 2-year pregnancy, he will be completely ready for walking. 

Why did this happen? Something on Earth has led babies to be born earlier. Maybe there is too much risk of miscarriage due to the same diseases? Or a large number of predators that could gobble up a weak human female before the birth of offspring?

Extra DNA

A few years ago, in the journal Nature, a study was published by scientists who found 223 “additional” genes in human DNA that probably came to us from bacteria. Perhaps it is these genes that distinguish people from all other living creatures on Earth and they didn’t get into us from bacteria? 

Another piece of our DNA, which is also called “junk.” Maybe these are the remains of our alien ancestors? 

It should be noted that not all scientists accepted the discovery of 223 additional genes. Maybe they don’t want people to know the truth about themselves? 

Severe anxiety

Humanity is an extremely disturbing community, it was in past centuries and in our technological time. Suicide rates are rising in some countries and more people are suffering from depression and are sitting on pills. None of the animals commits deliberate and frequent suicides, only humans are capable of this. 

The causes of anxiety can be very different, from a sense of hopelessness, poverty, political instability, to trouble at work or in relationships with the other sex. 

Why are people so uncomfortable among their own kind? Not a single zebra in a herd or a wolf in a pack feels like a foreign body, but on the contrary, feels comfortable and protected when the same people are nearby. Maybe people are solitary creatures? But no, as history shows, people on the contrary always aspired to live in communities, and loners died out without leaving offspring. 

So what is the reason? Perhaps something on Earth prevents people from feeling comfortable and safe. Any radiation? Unsuitable air? Alas, all this is just speculation

Is Prison Planet Theory true?

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  1. So earth is like the Australia of the solar system.

    Holy shit so just think of you were the prisoners of the prisoners… aka: Australians!! Shit! Talk about born to be wild from pure bloodline.

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