The Skinwalker Ranch

Rare Metals Used In Spacecrafts Found Buried Near The Skinwalker Ranch

Drilling on the plateau at Skinwalker Ranch uncovered metal fragments containing two of the world’s rarest elements, which are used for modern quantum computers and spacecraft.

The stories and legends about the Skinwalker ranch include a network of underground tunnels and even a possible spaceship buried in the plateau. With this in mind, the History Channel team led by scientist Travis Taylor — who recently revealed that he was part of the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force — brought a drill to drill into the ground and see if anything unusual could be found. in the depths of the plateau of the ranch.

During the process, they found several metal fragments and something strange that prevented further drilling to about 3 meters. To find out more, it was decided to insert a robotic camera into the hole made to see what it was. What was seen in the images was a large, almost perfectly spherical rock that was acting as a kind of plug.

Rare Metals Used In Spacecrafts Found Buried Near The Skinwalker Ranch
One of the metal fragments was found.

At the end of the day, the metal fragments were collected and as a next step, they were sent to the Department of Materials, Science, and Engineering of the University of Utah for analysis. The result was amazing: on one side the material had tellurium and on the other side europium.

Tellurium is a semiconductor material that is used in solar panels. Europium is being tested experimentally because under certain circumstances it is a superconductor,” Taylor explained. “These elements found deep in the plateau have properties that are useful for modern electronics, such as computer processors, MRI machines, electric vehicles, radios, and even smartphones.”

“Both elements are among the rarest on the planet and are also being used to develop modern quantum computer systems, ” he added.

Tellurium (left) and Europium.
Tellurium (left) and Europium.

Dr. Ravi Chandran, professor of metallurgical engineering at the University of Utah, was one of those responsible for analyzing the metals extracted from the plateau of the Skinwalker ranch. When interviewed by the team, he said that the samples were made up of different elements, such as iron, calcium, and oxygen.

‘The samples look as if they have been fused together, with rare elements like magnesium, manganese, and aluminum,’ added Dr. Chandran. “There are also these rare tellurium and europium elements present, which could be manufactured.”

Dr. Ravi Chandran Analyzed the metal fragments found buried under the Skinwalker ranch
Dr. Ravi Chandran

Given this, Taylor asked if that meant that they did not have a natural origin, to which the professor replied that they were materials analogous to those used, for example, in the aerospace industry “to protect ships from burning re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.”.

Could this mean that the rumors about an ancient spaceship buried at the Skinwalker ranch have some truth? Then we leave you with the fragment of the program so that you can judge it for yourselves.

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  1. So it was 3 meters down. No one dug it up? Where is this earthshaking discovery? That’s a little over 12 feet down, well within the range o digging it out by hand (a couple of days) or in hours with power equipment to help. Why wasn’t it dug up? Why? Just ask yourself why, that’s all.

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