They record in video the spectacular sighting of a flying disc on a Mexican city

No one should ever question that we share our planet with intelligent extraterrestrial beings. As we have already mentioned in other publications, there are many independent researchers who claim that certain races of other worlds have several bases on Earth, in which they experiment with humans and collaborate with governments around the world.(sighting of a flying disc on a Mexican city)

One of the least known, but no less important, is the Grotto of Sơn Đoōng, on the border between Laos and Vietnam. In this cave is known to be one of the largest in the world, and also say that there is an alleged reptile hierarchy. In 2013 tourists were allowed in and since then there are many who claim to see reptilian beings in the depths of the cave system.(sighting of a flying disc on a Mexican city)

Even on one occasion an explorer ventured into these caves and never returned. Your body has not yet been found. People have been exploring these caves well before they were opened to the public. In 1992, a man named Hồ Khanh was the first to enter Sơn Đoòng’s Grotto and did so on his own, with no one else, and claimed to have met a mysterious devil-like being. He explained that he had a humanoid body, but that the skin and facial features seemed to be related to a “dragon . And most surprising of all, he got to photograph. This is just one example of how extraterrestrial bases seem to be found everywhere on our planet, which would explain the large number of UFO sightings. Like the recent incident in Mexico,(sighting of a flying disc on a Mexican city)

The classic Morelia UFO

According to the British tabloid Daily Star , a strange object in the form of a black disc appeared on a street in Morelia, Mexico . The video, which was recorded by Carlos Arriola, shows a dark UFO in broad daylight. Unfortunately, Carlos could only record 40 seconds as the traffic began to move again. The images were taken last March 27 and you can see the strange black object and its perfectly circular shape with all kinds of detail.

“Moving through the warp at the height of the Technological of Morelia appeared this UFO which due to the traffic I could not make a longer recording” , says the description of the video.


Shortly after its publication in YouTube numbers experts in the subject UFO decided to analyze the video. Popular ufologist Scott C. Waring, editor of the UFO Sightings Daily blog, said it was a 100% real UFO and that it is strange to see him so closely.

“This is a dark disk moving slowly over a busy road in Morelia, Mexico,” Waring wrote in his blog. “The person who recorded the UFO did an exceptional job, as they were also driving the car. In the video, we can see its smooth movement and the edge of the disc. It moves gracefully and silently over the city. It is rare to see a real UFO so closely. Savor the moment, guys. It’s 100% real. “

Other experts on the subject shared the opinion of Waring, arguing that the video clearly shows a flying object of extraterrestrial origin, thus completely ruling out that it is a well-made montage . In addition, there were those who added that the disc-shaped object was large enough, between 5 and 6 meters in diameter, being impossible that it was an unmanned aircraft. However, the most skeptical netizens gave their own opinion on the matter. Theories included assembly, the possibility of a drone or even some sort of secret military test.(sighting of a flying disc on a Mexican city)

sighting of a flying disc on a Mexican city


But the reality is that this is not the first time there are UFO sightings witnessed by multiple witnesses in the state of Michoacán. According to the Italian portal “Segni dal Cielo”, on the morning of November 17, 2013, several people recorded on video the presence of mysterious light objects over the municipality of Queréndaro. Like the sighting of Morelia, nobody can explain the origin of the mysterious objects and ensured that it was a real alien encounter.

What do you think about the “flying saucer” of Morelia? Do you think it can be a UFO of extraterrestrial origin? Or do you have another explanation?


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