Russian Ufologist Found Ruins Of An Ancient City On Mars In Satellite Images

Doubt that Mars was once an inhabited planet is reducing day by day and interestingly ruins of an ancient city on mars have been discovered by a Russian explorer.
The NASA photo archive contains numerous images of the surface of Mars, which have been processed by many scientists.
In some photos, very interesting anomalies were found, the origin of which can be attributed to the activities of intelligent beings living on Mars.

The Red Planet has been the subject of research for scientists all over the world for decades.
It is no coincidence that close attention is riveted on Mars, for a long time because the planet is considered similar to the Earth in some aspects.
In the course of numerous studies of the Red Planet, astrophysicists reported that there is some truth to it.
According to experts from the American Space Department, we are talking about the fact that at the dawn of the birth of life on our planet, similar processes took place on Mars.

Discovery of the ruins of an ancient city on mars

An enthusiast researcher, as well as a ufologist and radio amateur, Valentin Degterev, discovered unusual structures in the photographs of Mars. 
He called them “The Ruins of an Ancient City on Mars”.
Valentin Degterev studied photographs of the surface of Mars using the Google Mars service and found there something that is somewhat beyond the usual understanding of the layman.

ancient city on mars

“In the sands of the dead planet, the ruins of a huge city are visible. Huge buildings, several kilometers in size. A monstrous pyramid in height, four kilometers long. Other structures. How did they survive the disaster? Why were not they destroyed by dust storms and asteroid falls? Alas, it is impossible to give answers to all this now.

Valentin Degterev

For those wishing to check his findings, he publishes the coordinates of the ruins of the ancient city on mars, can be found on the Google Earth: 10 ° 55.259’N, 168 ° 50.521’W; 9 ° 53.211’N, 167 ° 48.839’W; 9 ° 32.576’N, 167 ° 58.413’W; 9 ° 13.176’N, 167 ° 10.569’W and 9 ° 52.066’N, 166 ° 6.187’W.

ancient city on mars
ancient city on mars

What are they?
Some sort of structures?

ancient city on mars

Some more buildings?

Some more large buildings?

“Mars remains the most mysterious planet of our solar system. Life stopped there billions of years ago. For comparison, I will say that life on Earth originated after it died out on Mars. Earth, unsuitable for life, began to evolve after the death of Mars. So, we are all descendants of this ancient and long-lost world.

Valentin Degterev

If you are interested in reading about ancient alien civilizations and mysteries of the Mars we recommend you this amazing book – The Monuments of Mars: A City on the Edge of Forever by Richard C. Hoagland

Presence of Life on the Red planet

Many scientists would agree with Valentin Degterev that there could have been life on Mars in the past.
The unmanned mission helped NASA specialists establish that water bodies existed on the surface of the Red Planet in the same period as on Earth, the climate was much milder and sunlight contributed to life on it.

ancient city on mars

However, something went wrong, and soon Mars was outside the so-called “zone of life.”
The water bodies present on mars went under the surface of the planet.
The climate changed drastically, and sunlight was replaced by a huge flux of radiation.
Most likely, this was the reason that life on the Red Planet disappeared, experts from NASA say.
However, many conspiracy theorists believe that Mars is still inhabited by representatives of an alien civilization, perhaps they are out there, hiding from humanity.

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