Signs of reincarnation; Do you think you have been reincarnated?

In some religions, reincarnation is the rebirth of the soul after death, especially in another human body.
According to a survey, 25% of Americans believe that after death, souls reincarnate to live again. 
The mysterious case of the reincarnation of Omm Seti is well known.
Her abilities and incredible knowledge proved her story to be real.
In this article, we will highlight seven signs of reincarnation.
These signs will help you in figuring out that you may have been reincarnated several times.

Signs of reincarnation; Do you think you have been reincarnated?
The belief that the individual essence of people, that is, mind, soul, consciousness or energy, adopt a material body more than once, is accepted by numerous people.

1. Repeated dreams over and over again

Dreams reflect the unconscious mind, and recurring dreams are not always a symptom of some trauma, they can also show images of your past lives. 
Several people have stated that they have experienced specific events, that they saw certain people, or that they have been aware of places totally alien to their real life, but that they somehow identify them.

2. You have a strong instinct.

Intuition is the ability to connect the conscious mind with the unconscious part to obtain the necessary wisdom and be able to solve a specific situation. 
It is something that we all have, that internal voice that speaks to us, sometimes shouts at us, and that many of us pay attention to more often than others. 

3. Déjà vu

Signs of reincarnation; Do you think you have been reincarnated?

It is one of the signs of reincarnation.
The term is French and literally means “already seen.”
It is like having an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something that you are not familiar with at all. 
A strange sensation of having already experienced some moment, some event, someplace, some person. Some attribute it to a neurological dissonance, others claim that it reflects the possibilities of other dimensions.
Some believe, it reveals a little more of the past lives that a person has had.

4. Precognition– an enigmatic sign of reincarnation

Precognition is a type of “Vision of the Future”, where you know and get information about events that have not yet happened, and they come to you in the form of visions, feelings, and/or sensations.
It is not entirely clear why does it happen. 
Perhaps there is a kind of collective consciousness formed by the thoughts of all people that flows more easily through those who have already reincarnated. 
But we cannot affirm anything.

5. You feel that you do not belong to this world, nor to this time.

You feel discomfort, annoyance with everyone around you, and a strong desire surrounds you to find your true home, your own time.
This may be the result of a call, that mystical place where all souls come together, because it is said that the “essences” that have already fulfilled their mission and their cycle, feel a basic need to return home.

6. A strong emotional connection to specific cultures or periods of history

Signs of reincarnation; Do you think you have been reincarnated?

Let’s say you were born in 1990, but you don’t miss a movie, book, or anything from the 1920’s. 
Maybe you were born in Bogotá, but you feel at home when you visit Lisbon. 
You feel a strong attachment to another place and another time that has no logical explanation. 
It is a clear sign of having a strong interest in different time periods and cultures, because some of your past lives happened in those places and at those times.

7. Unexplained fears and phobias

For example, in your childhood you may have had a terrible experience in a river, in the sea or in a pool, but you do not remember it. 
Our brain can block traumatic memories, as a survival mechanism. 
On the other hand, a phobia can exist without any apparent context. 
This is something that happens naturally.
However, experiencing a strange fear of spiders, knives, weapons, without having had any negative experience with any of them, may be the result of remembering death or some terrible trauma from a past life.

Have you experienced any of these signs of reincarnation?
If yes, then let us know what you think about it in the comment section.

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  1. I have often had feelings of being drawn to other places – especially by the sea. When younger I had a fixation with Egypt. I say things before others say it, I seem to open folders to the exact page. I have had 3 extremely lucid dreams that have come true – the day my father was diagnosed with cancer, a dream about an ex who then rang me the next day and said he’d dreamed of me and him again just recently after some 30yrs! LOL I used to not like putting my head under the shower head as I became breathless as if I would never breath again and I have read a few similar things of others and heard it was a sign of reincarnation and gas chambers. There are other things that happen all the time that I now just accept as ‘good luck’ but they are truly freaky and friends often use their forefingers crossed to me in the ‘ward off the devil’. Sign. It feels I have an old soul inside of me – have ‘seen’ the next place of rest and no longer fear death (just the paid to the body to get over sometime). It’s been an interesting life.

    1. I’ve had all the experiences above. However, it seems as I grow older and become more desensitized by life, I pay less attention to them. Something you did not mention, that I have noticed, is a strong connection to certain people in my life. It’s that feeling that you already know them and feel that they aren meant to be in your life when you first meet. Or, the feeling that you already know someone and feel you should stay away from them. Yet, some people you meet, no matter how close you get to them, you feel a distance and like they are just a “by passer” in your life and are not anyone of importance to you and your life journey.

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