The Baffling Case Of A Mutilated U.S. Air Force Sergeant And Its Connection With A UFO

Cases of cattle mutilation are found these days, where the corpses of these poor animals are discovered under the open sky with their eyes plucked out and tongues removed and private parts excised.
Interestingly, all extracted with the utmost precision as if removed surgically and leaving no drop of blood behind.
Mysterious cattle mutilations occurring around the world are most often attributed to the UFO phenomenon, suggesting that cows, horses, or sheep are victims of mysterious alien experiments.
There is evidence that sometimes something similar happens to people. 
There are very few such stories, but they do exist, and one of the most shocking cases involves an Air Force sergeant allegedly abducted by a saucer-like aircraft.

All these attacks occur according to the standard scheme: the subject suddenly disappears, and soon after, the subject is found with its genitals, tongue, anus, pieces of skin removed, eyes removed, etc. 
There are usually no traces of blood around the bodies as if it had been killed elsewhere, and the incisions were made with surgical precision.

Typical victim of mysterious cattle mutilation with eyes and muzzle flesh removed

This incident was described in one of the reports of the forgotten Project Grudge, which was the forerunner of the famous Project Blue Book, a study of the UFO phenomenon conducted by the US Air Force from 1969 to the 1970s.
In 1956, a US Air Force sergeant was abducted by a UFO and his dead body was found three days later.
The details are both grisly and strangely surgical as the body of the US Air Force sergeant was terribly mutilated, gutted, and many parts of his body were excised with surgical precision. 

Project “Grudge” was created in 1949 and worked until the end of 1951. 
The project sought to investigate unidentified flying objects and various anomalous aerial phenomena in an attempt to reach an impartial consensus on the matter, using a scientific approach and standard military intelligence procedures.

Despite the fact that the Grudge project was closed in 1951, it continued to work unofficially and collected information for several more years.
During the unofficial years of Project Grudge, something so strange and frightening supposedly happened that the incident was immediately classified and a special report “Project Grudge: Report No. 13” was released.

Military officials have flatly denied both the incident and the existence of this report, but leaks show that it did take place in reality.

The accident took place in March 1956, when the Air Force Sergeant Jonothan P. Lovette and Major William Cunningham, arrived at the White Sands Military Missile Test Range, near Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. 
Their goal was to search for and collect the wreckage of a secret rocket that may have fallen into the desert during recent tests. 

Looking for the wreckage, Lovette and Cunningham split and drifted apart. 
As Lovett disappeared behind a large sand dune, Cunningham suddenly heard him screaming loudly.

When Cunningham came running to the sergeant’s cries, he saw a surreal picture of how something like a revived liana or a very long snake grabbed Lovett by the leg and dragged him along the sand to a large silvery disc standing on supports nearby.

Cunningham watched, frozen in horror, as Lovette was pulled by the enigmatic vine or tentacle into a silvery disk, which immediately flew silently into the sky and disappeared.

As Cunningham regained consciousness, he ran to his car and contacted the base by radio. 
Interestingly, it turned out that the base radars noticed anomalous indicators just at the time when the UFO flew away with the abducted sergeant.

Close inspection of the area within a radius of several miles revealed no signs of Lovette or UFOs. 
However, it was revealed what happened to him after 3 days.

Lovette’s body was found 10 miles from where he disappeared. 
The corpse was nude and looked like it had remained in the desert for at least 24-48 hours prior to its discovery. 
At the same time, he was terribly mutilated.

Lovette’s tongue was neatly cut, his eyes were plucked out, and all internal organs were carefully removed from his abdomen. 
His genitals and anus were carved out as neatly and evenly as his tongue and eyes. 

Surprisingly, there was not a drop of blood left in the whole body, and the coroners could not find any traces of needles sticking into the veins and arteries through which the blood could be removed from his body.

Report No.13, unfortunately, contained only a dry description of the unfortunate Lovette’s body condition and there is no description of whether an investigation into his strange death was carried out and what it led to. 

Outside the Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, around where the incident occurred.

This is a rather wild and exciting story, which to this day is actively discussed in ufological circles, but which has very few facts confirming its reality. 

It is known that Project Grudge did issue reports numbered 1-12 and its report numbered 14.
These reports were declassified at the time. 
Report No. 13 is still classified, and the information that it contains a description of the terrible mutilation of the body of an Air Force sergeant is known only through an insider named William Cooper.

Cooper claimed that he was personally responsible for the analysis of the annotated version of Report No. 13 in the early 1970s, and it was also he who later published that report for the military. 
These claims have been partially corroborated by a former Green Beret captain named William English, who also claims to have seen and read Mystery Report No. 13. 

Only these two people insist that all this is true, but there has never been any official confirmation of the Lovett incident, nor even confirmation or denial of whether Report No. 13 exists or not. 
In the end, it seems impossible to know, and we can only guess what happened in this remote desert if anything happened at all.

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