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The Book of Enoch, its descriptions of space travel and other celestial dimensions

The Book of Enoch narrates Enoch’s travels off Earth, supernatural and heavenly places inaccessible to other human beings!

The impressive and fantastic Book of Enoch is one of the most important ancient texts , unfortunately it was excluded from the Bible .

In this writing, the patriarch and antediluvian prophet Enoch made supernatural trips, managing to fly over the Earth, the celestial bodies and reaching the dimension of the Heavens.

The Book of Enoch was almost introduced into the Bible but was rejected as “apocryphal. ” However, Enoch is a respected patriarch and is mentioned several times by other Biblical and Christian authors.

 He was the great-grandfather of Noah and the father of Methuselah .

The holy book says that Enoch passed the texts on to Noah, so he likely took them with him on the Ark during the Universal Flood (an antediluvian writing?).

The Book of Enoch, its descriptions of space travel and other celestial dimensions
Left: Elijah and Enoch in a 17th century icon. Right: Ethiopian manuscript of the Book of Enoch. Credit: Sanok Historical Museum, Poland / The Schoyen Collection.

The first section of the book narrates the fall of the Watchers, the angels who had sex with human women, and fathered the Nephilim. Then Enoch’s ascension into the dimension of Heaven is described, with the aim of interceding before God (for the Watchers).

Enoch’s space journey to Heaven as described in the Book of Enoch

The first ascent appears from chapter 17 to 36. 

The prophet made the journey with the help of other Watcher angels

He was “elevated” with mysterious forces that included natural elements: clouds, winds, lightning, and shooting stars.

The Book of Enoch, its descriptions of space travel and other celestial dimensions
Yahweh in heaven in a painting by William Blake. Credit: Public Domain.

Heaven was formed with gigantic glass or ice houses surrounded by fire . 

The visions are amazing and scary, the sky is extreme! With materials as different as ice and fire in harmony. 

Also, it is noted that this celestial dimension had a lot of energy, with its movement of lightning and shooting stars.

Enoch finds a house or dwelling made entirely of fire. In it, a high throne is seated , made of a material that looked like ice or crystal and surrounded by a shining star and fire:

20 The Great Glory was based on the throne and his dress looked brighter than the sun and whiter than any snow; 21 no angel could enter to see his face due to the magnificent Glory and no flesh being could look at him. – Book of Enoch, chapter 14 ».

This is the vision of God !

Tour in unknown places on Earth (and outside it)

The Book of Enoch, its descriptions of space travel and other celestial dimensions
An angel before a heavenly portal. 
Referential image. 
Credit: Public Domain..

Enoch traveled the surroundings of the Earth with the help of the angel Uriel, where he saw the place where the stars are “kept” during the day and where the rain and snow are kept.

 In addition, he speoke of a mysterious force in the form of wind, around the Earth and other stars :

1 I saw the treasures of the winds and I saw that with them He has adorned all creation and the foundations of the earth; 2 and I also saw the cornerstone of the earth and the four winds that support the Earth and the firmament; 3 I saw how the winds extend the veil of heaven above and how they have their place between heaven and earth: they are the columns of heaven; 4 I saw the winds that rotate and drive through the orbits of the sun and the stars in their rooms. – Book of Enoch, chapter 18.

He’s talking about the orbits of the stars!

The Book of Enoch, its descriptions of space travel and other celestial dimensions
The «Abyss» with a path and entrance to Heaven. Credit: ZERIG / Pixabay.

In chapters 21-27 the Abyss is visited, a fearful place with columns of divine fire . Uriel explains that the Fallen Angels who introduced the sin of human sacrifice to demons will be locked in that abyss.

It should be noted that there are other books attributed to Enoch. In the so-called Book 3 other detailed surreal journey of Enoch to heaven and where the prophet grows into the archangel Metatron !.

The information presented by the Book of Enoch is extensive and important. 

His visions of the heavenly dimensions are significant and amazing. 

According to the Hebrew Bible, the Heavens, the dimension of the god Yahweh, cannot be accessed by human beings . 

Enoch was an exception (before Jesus) and that makes him a very special prophet .


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