The book of Thoth and the forbidden knowledge of Egypt

The incredible civilization of ancient Egypt lasted longer than the entire span of what we have come to accept as recorded history. In this article we discuss all the information we could gather about the book of Thoth

book of Thoth

But some believe, that the ancient Egyptian civilization, was inherited part of the lost knowledge, of the civilization of Atlantis after its destruction.

During that millennium, the ancient Egyptians developed a multitude of esoteric practices, which we are not yet able to understand.

The hidden knowledge of the spiritual and esoteric of ancient Egypt far exceeds the knowledge we have today.

It is believed that the root of this knowledge, was channeled and given to the ancient Egyptians, by an incredible being and it is unclear if he was a god, human or something else.

This being is known as Hermes Trismegisto, or thought, who was known in Egyptian mythology, as the god Thoth, and in the Greek as the god Hermes.

This mysterious being, known for living in ancient Egypt before he was revered as a god, was the first great Egyptian philosopher and founder of the ancient mystery school of Thoth.

He was considered the one who gave us written numbers, the arts of self-cultivation through works of conscience.

It is said that he received his wisdom while in deep meditative trance, and thus wrote more than 40 books, including the emerald tablet , the book of Thoth.

book of Thoth

It is said that the book of Thoth reveals the secrets of the universe, and the knowledge achieved through awakening certain areas of the brain that contains the secret knowledge of the incarnation process, and many other universal secrets.

Only priests with special training were allowed access to the book. Imhotep, builder of the first pyramid, was also allowed this sacred knowledge.

Nobody knows where the book of Thoth is, but some consider that the book of Thoth is in the astral plane and is not something physical, to access it you have to travel inside your conscience.

This is probably one of the oldest incidences of channeling, where an individual would enter a special state of consciousness, to contact universal knowledge or the source.

The topics that Hermes Trismegisto covered, vary from medicine, chemistry, laws, arts, music, geography, philosophy, magic and rhetoric. The knowledge of the Egyptians, was so vast, that they first began to accredit him as the communicator between the gods and them.

It is said that the book of Thoth contains several spells, one of which allows the reader to understand the speech of the creatures and allows them to see the divine beings.

The legend says that that person who deciphers the essence of the book will acquire the way of interpreting from the inside, the privileged ideas about the earth, the air, the ocean, the celestial bodies, and the connection between them all.

It is the most prominent among the mystery books, the book of Thoth is a sacred and secret book of the ancient Egyptians, it is one of the unique spiritual tools that were introduced to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

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