The head of the great Sphinx : is it the gateway to a secret city?

Egypt and its relics today represent a great challenge for science and for humanity. And the great Sphinx hides many mysteries still unresolved today. But probably, the great mystery that hides has been discovered but hidden from the public. Why?(head of the great Sphinx )

head of the great Sphinx

In 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte’s troops arrived in Egypt and were amazed by the large buildings that were found there. Among them, there was the great Sphinx showing its imposing imperialism to those men who missed that very different and extravagant culture.

The sphinx was half buried in the desert, but even then the world was captivated by its charm. It was not until 1936, that the mission carried out by the French Emile Baguettes dug up that great structure that had been covered by the sand path for millennia.(head of the great Sphinx )

A prophet of the time was the one who alerted the world declaring that he had had a vision under hypnosis in which he was shown inside the sphinx of Egypt. In this was the great Ancient Library, which guarded the ancient knowledge and, among them, the findings of Atlantis. According to Edgar, the prophet, would be the pyramids, the sphinx and other buildings, replicas of the submerged Atlantis.(head of the great Sphinx )

In 1987, a team from the Japanese University of Waseda, discovered tunnels and cameras within the Sphinx. This shook the Egyptologists, though it was later said that such passageways, strangely, led nowhere. Since then it has been covered with a halo of mystery to the great sphinx. But the truth is that the thing does not end here.

head of the great Sphinx

The team found thanks to a study of electromagnetic sound waves, entries in the legs of the sphinx, as well as a cavity in the very head of the sphinx. As an entrance. This cavity, which had been described by Napoleon, was photographed from the air at the beginning of the 20th century. Although at the end of it, with reasons for the restoration of the head, the peculiar finding was ended, plugging this and other cavities in the structural base.(head of the great Sphinx )

A recreation that Charles Russel made in 1914, showed the inside of the sphinx. In the illustration, the entrance to the sphinx could be observed through the cavity of the head, which led to a camera and went down to the main room of the sphinx. This, in turn, housed several passages that led to other areas outside the Sphinx. And below it, a pyramid.

A pyramid that would house the pharaoh of the first Egyptian dynasty, which would be Pharaoh Menes, chosen by the gods to rule on Earth and who would have been represented on the face of the great sphinx. This news was also published on the cover a year earlier, in the British newspaper “The Sphere”, published on March 22, 1913, where you could see the same description that Charles Russel did.(head of the great Sphinx)

But it was not the only publication that sold in the media this finding. A year later, on March 5, 1914, the Australian newspaper “Northern Territory Times” published a column in an article detailing that discovery. Right on the dates when the mysterious entrance to one of the most fascinating structures of humanity was discovered

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