Ancient Aliens And The Lost Underground City Of The Amazon

In 1970, Karl Brugger. a German explorer and foreign correspondent was in the unexplored region of the Amazon rainforest on a mission to Barcelos, Amazonas on the Rio Negro, in Brazil and came across a man who told him about the
Underground City Of The Amazon.

Tatunca Nara And His Story Of The Underground City Of The Amazon

As per that man, in 1960’s a man calling himself Tatunca Nara had suddenly appeared out of thin air in the isolated Amazon region of the Brazilian state of Acre, carrying nothing but a bow, a loincloth, and a strange story of a lost tribe, aliens, and an ancient lost underground city of the Amazon rainforest.

Tatunca Nara claimed to be a chief of an unknown tribe called the Ugha Mongulala, who lived in an underground city of wonders named Akakor, situated somewhere under the jungles between Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru.
He had become quite famous among the villagers for narrating these weird yet interesting stories.
People were also curious about his unusual appearance, as he was looking nothing like an Indian, being white and speaking broken Portuguese with a decidedly German accent.
Most of the people considered him as some crazy person who had been out living off the wild too long until Brugger came through to dig deep into the matter with Germany’s ARD television network.
The German reporter interviewed Tatunuca Nara himself, who was more than happy to relate his bizarre odyssey.

Tatunca, probably sensing Brugger’s apprehension at finally agreeing to meet and see that he was a white guy who spoke perfect German.
Tatunca explained his unusual appearance and language abilities, saying that the city he had come from a place that was populated with numerous German missionaries and Nazi Germans who had gone into hiding in the jungles and that he had himself been born from a union between a German woman and a tribesman.
As per him, the Ugha Mogulala people had once developed well in the region and were indeed chosen by the “Gods,” who built their incredible subterranean city of Akakor and blessed them with magical stones which had various mystical powers, such as the ability to see faraway places, divining the future, and others.

Tatunca‘s Description Of The Gods

And the Gods ruled from Akakor. They ruled over men and the earth. They had ships faster than birds’ flight, ships that reached their goal without sails or oars and by night as well as by day. They had magic stones to look into the distance so that they could see cities, rivers, hills, and lakes. Whatever happened on earth or in the sky was reflected in the stones. But the underground dwellings were the most wonderful of all. And the Gods gave them to their Chosen Servants as their last gift. For the Former Masters are of the same blood and have the same father.

The city itself had a breathtaking view- surrounded by a high stone wall, 13 gates, and numerous soaring stone watchtowers.
Past the gates and the towers were ornate temples carved from solid stone, sweeping towers, pyramids, opulent quarters, life-sized statues, libraries full of vast texts outlining secret knowledge and the history of the world and the universe, and things made of gold, all of it illuminated by shafts of light strategically placed, which brought sunlight down to the gloom from the surface with the use of huge silver mirrors.
According to him, Akakor was the last of 26 similar cities that once existed across the region, all of which had come to an end in the first great catastrophe 13 years before the departure of the Gods.
Tatunca often called these “Gods” the “Former Masters,” claiming they were from another solar system, and he credited them and their advanced technology with forging these cities.

He also explained the layout of the city to Brugger in detail, right down to the layout of the streets and all of the buildings.
He also asserted that the tombs of some of these Former Masters still existed within the city and that these tombs held their mummified remains.

Underground City Of The Amazon

Tatunca described the culture of the people and their customs in precise detail, by the time the mysterious man was finished with his tale, the spellbound Brugger was convinced that he was telling the truth.
 He jotted down everything tod by the mysterious man and recorded 12 audiotapes and used them to write a book on the mystical city of Akakor.
The Chronicle of Akakor, was published in 1976 launching the story of this mysterious underground lost city into the public consciousness and also arousing the curiosity of other explorers.
However, the problem was that there was absolutely no record among other civilizations or tribes that mentioned whatsoever of Akakor or its enigmatic people, and so the sole source of the story was Tatunca Nara himself.
Although, it could not stop many intrepid explorers from paving their way to that land to find out whether it was true or not.

The most famous of such visits was probably a series of visits in the year 1977 and 1978 by former Swissair pilot Ferdinand Schmid, along with Brazilian archaeologist Roldao Pires Brandao, who penetrated into the jungles with Tatunca himself as their guide.
They didn’t find any evidence of the city or the tunnels supposedly leading to them, and neither did a follow-up expedition organized by the Brazilian government.
Out of curiosity, Schmid returned yet again in 1979 and asserted to have discovered the city, though he later claimed that he had lost his camera and film.
Tatunca continued to serve as a guide for other voyages into the region, even guiding the legendary oceanographer Jacques Cousteau in 1983, but things began to get rather sinister when several of these explorers started to disappear without a trace.

Mysterious Disappearance Of Tatunca And Murder Of Brugger

In 1980, John Reed, an american trekked into the jungle along with Tatunca and never came back.
In 1983, the guide headed out with Swiss explorer Herbert Wanner, who also did not come back later his skull was found out in the jungle by a group of tourists in 1984.
Eerily, Brugger died this same year when he was shot dead in Rio de Janeiro after making the trip to the region in order to launch a renewed effort to find the city.
Coincidence or not?
In 1987, Swedish yoga instructor Christine Hauser was the next to vanish into the jungle on Tatunca’s watch, and he was steadily being suspected by the police, yet Tatunca denied having anything to do with these disappearances and deaths.
No evidence was found that would link the deaths to him, Tatunca was not ever officially prosecuted, and remained free to continue his jungle tours.

Whether Tatunca Nara was really responsible for the disappearances of people, the story began to unfold in 1990, when German adventurer Rüdiger Nehberg and film director Wolfgang Brög met the mysterious guide for the purpose of making a documentary called The Mystery of Tatunca Nara.
The crew discovered that the man calling himself Tatunca Nara was actually a German ex-pat by the name of Günther Hauck, who had fled to Brazil in 1967 in order to escape unpaid alimony that he owed.
Hauck’s ex-wife confirmed that Tatunca was him, and the whole story seemed to have been exposed as a fraud.
He had fabricated the tale of Akakor in order to attract tourists and adventure seekers, who he would take out on journeys that would conveniently always have to turn back for some reason or other, or in some cases leading to unforeseen deaths, after which Hauck could keep the mystery alive and keep reeling them in.
Interestingly, when Tatunca was confronted, he claimed that he was not Hauck, denied the allegations against him, and insisted that his story was completely true.

Despite the fact that Tatunca Nara was exposed as a fraud has not done much to blunt the appeal of the idea of his underground city, and it has gone on to serve as the inspiration for several books and was the basis of the underground city of “Akator” in the film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
It is interesting that despite all the accusations of fraud and misleading people Tatunca remains firm and still says that it is all real and there are plenty of people who truly think there is something to it all.
let us know what you think about whether Tatunca is fake or there really is something under the forests of Amazon.

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