The Mysterious Alien Abduction Which Turned The Abductee Into A Talented Artist

This little-known case of alien abduction took place in Germany and is considered strange even by UFO standards. The story has received publicity only in recent years thanks to the Polish ufologist Marcin Mizera. 

One morning in August 1981, an unnamed 55-year-old man, a native of Poland, who lived in the German city of Rheda-Wiedenbrück, went for a bike ride in the picturesque surroundings as usual.

The man was very fond of such unhurried trips in nature, and that day he decided to go for a ride on the shore of Lake Lintel. The weather was fine, fresh, and sunny, so at some point, he got off his bike and decided to walk. 

When he sat down on the beach and began to admire the view, something caught his attention. Nearby there was a shed and a man was moving near this shed, it looked as if he was pulling something out of the shed and laying it out on the shore.

The eyewitness thought that this was just a local fisherman who was laying out his fishing equipment, but then a whole group of other people approached the “fisherman” who were dressed in completely black suits that shone brightly in the sun, and then they all looked up at the massive flying disc-shaped an object that hovered over the lake at about 15 meters.

The object was about 30 meters in diameter and 10 meters high – relatively small and slowly moving towards a group of people in black.

The eyewitness at that moment still did not understand what exactly he had witnessed, but when he saw a woman with a dog walking casually by the shed, it occurred to him that the flying disc could be some kind of innovative means of transportation that was used to entertain local residents, or rather to ride them over the lake.

Thus, he decided to get a better look at this flying object and approached a group of people in black. By that time, the aircraft flew very close to them and now it was clear that it had a “door” on its side – an open oval hole. 

The man approached and was already intending to ask how much a ticket for this transport costs when he suddenly noticed that one of the “men in black” had moved away from the group and was examining his bicycle with great curiosity, which he had leaned against a tree. Only at this moment, the eyewitness realized that these “people in black” are not people at all, but rather only look like people and that their figures are translucent!

Alas, even at that moment he still did not understand what he was facing, and therefore the strange aircraft still strongly attracted him, and by that moment the flying disc approached the shore and sank to the ground and our eyewitness entered the object without any problems through the aforementioned above oval hole.

Once inside, he found himself in a spacious room, which was almost transparent, that is, through its walls one could see the landscape surrounding the lake. Then one of those translucent humanoids approached the man and led him to the far end of the room. He resignedly obeyed him, unable to even think about resistance.

He was seated on an “invisible bench” and another man was sitting next to him – this was the same “fisherman” whom he had initially noticed by the shed. Only now that man was almost naked and was being examined by one of the humanoids.

When he was seated on a bench and his travel bag was taken away from him, he smelled a strong and very unpleasant smell, similar to the smell of burning rubber, which became stronger and stronger until he became dizzy. However, despite the general clouding of consciousness, he was still aware of what was happening around him, and he saw very frightening things:

“When I moved, I felt so light, as if my kilograms were not there. And I saw there a severed head of a cow without a left eye and half of its horn, which was also cut off. There were some chains in the jaws of the cow. I also saw there children’s shoes and glasses. They put me on some kind of table. I felt lightness, as if I had lost some internal organs. The inside of the object glowed with a pinkish-purple glow. “

Then he was taken to a “hazy gray-blue room” with a large number of humanoids in it, they took off his clothes and forced him to lie on the table. They examined him, dressed him again, and returned his bag. He was also given some sort of belt that seemed to transform into different shapes and had strange symbols on its surface. 

When he dropped this belt, it hovered above the floor and then returned to his hand. It also always returned to its original shape, no matter how it was folded. And then the man felt that the ship was moving:

“I could see a lot of lights, and I saw either in the ceiling or in the transparent floor a huge city with illuminated towers – I watched them from different positions. far away, when it was night, and everything around very much resembled an illuminated city “

Then in his hand suddenly materialized a small transparent ball the size of a tennis ball, which played in different colors of the rainbow. When he was shining, the man could see the bones on his arm, as if the ball had X-rays. 

This frightened him so much that he wanted to throw the ball, but he found that he could not do it, since every time he threw it, the ball returned to his hand back, like a belt.

This ball seemed weightless, and when he looked inside it, he saw various strange things there:

“The ball emitted an image from the inside – something like a three-dimensional show. Inside there was some kind of chaos from a multitude of multi-colored spots, separated by lines, and some images arose from them. In it, in particular, appeared: a tower from a city in which he lived, then the town hall and another tower, standing next to his old house. 

Then other similar elements were shown: church towers, playing fields, parking lots, etc. When our eyewitness wanted to turn the ball in his hands, it turned into a huge glass circle 7-10 meters wide, which immediately became smaller and turned into an original ball. “

What the hell was going on here? All this is so strange and surreal that it is difficult to say what was the purpose of such objects and demonstrations of their abilities. And during all this, one of the humanoids stood next to the man and closely watched him, without changing his facial expression:

“I smiled stupidly because it was weird, cool and funny at the same time. I had never seen anything like it before. The humanoid looked at me like a king at a jester. Anyway, then I suddenly ended up in the trash heap.”

Yes, after that the eyewitness just suddenly found himself on the ground where the landfill was located, this place was about 5 km from Lake Lintel. He felt a severe headache, and the watch on his wrist was broken. His skin was red as if he had received a sunburn, and he also noticed that both the ball and the belt that was given to him on the ship were gone. 

Looking around, he saw that his bike was nowhere to be found and he had to walk home. Upon arrival, he felt sudden exhaustion and fell into a deep sleep. 

From that day on, he claimed, he suddenly developed an incredible craving and talent for painting and subsequently became a fairly well-known artist in the area. Unfortunately, the name of this person has not been disclosed. 

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