The ruins of Marcahuasi: remains of a lost civilization

The famous ruins of Marcahuasi are a group of rocks located on a plateau of the Andes mountain range in Peru.

ruins of Marcahuasi

These rocks are notable for their curious shapes, and various hypotheses have been presented in an attempt to explain their formation.

For some, these ruins were carved by the hand of man, while others claim that they are the work of the forces of nature. There are even those who believe that the ruins of Marcahuasi contain some kind of healing power.

The ruins of Marcahuasi are located near the town of San Pedro de Casta, on a plateau of the Andes mountain range in the province of Huarochirí, east of Lima, capital of Peru.

This plateau was formed from a volcanic reaction and is mainly granite. The plateau occupies an area of ​​about 4 square kilometers and is 4,000 meters above sea level.

The Marcahuasi area was first explored by Daniel Ruzo, a Peruvian explorer, in 1952. It was Ruzo who discovered the curious shapes of the rocks that make up the plateau.

According to Ruzo, these rocks were sculpted by humans from a very advanced ancient civilization. Some believe that many of these rocks have shapes that make them really mysterious.

There is, for example, an ‘African Queen’ that has been compared to the Sphinx of Giza, the so-called ‘Egyptian Princess’, and there is also ‘Tawaret’, a rock that is said to resemble the Egyptian goddess of the same name.

It has been suggested that these rocks demonstrate a connection between the Marcahuasi civilization and ancient Egypt. Other rock formations of the set are the ‘Face of Marcahuasi’, which according to some resembles the famous ‘face of Mars’, the ‘Monument to Humanity’, named after Ruzo in honor of the four different human races found in the plateau, and various rocks with animal shapes.

ruins of Marcahuasi

The civilization responsible for these rock formations, according to Ruzo, was that of the ‘Masma’. It seems that this term was coined by Peruvian researcher Pedro Astete.

According to his own account, Astete resided in Andahuaylas, Peru, when in 1905 he dreamed something strange and surprising. In his dream, Astete saw a large underground room full of papyri that contained an ancient wisdom.

I also heard a voice repeating the name ‘Masma’. Astete dreamed more times with the Masma and even managed to discover possible biblical connections for this name.

Finally, Astete met Ruzo in 1920, and he was convinced that the Maste of Astete’s dreams had been very real. Ruzo began to look for evidence of the existence of the Masma, and it was when he discovered the ruins of Marcahuasi when he could affirm that he had found physical evidence of the existence of this protohistoric civilization.

Ruzo proposed that the Masma were a very advanced civilization capable of traveling around the world. They would have left evidence of their presence in many places, one of them being the Andes mountain range.

He also suggested that Marcahuasi’s rock formations were sculpted just before a world cataclysm that destroyed the Masma, with the intention of serving as a warning to the man of the future.

Other strange mysteries have also been attributed to the Marcahuasi ruins. For example, the ruins that are famous for being an ideal place for UFO sighting are told, and for this reason they have attracted a large number of UFO enthusiasts to the nearby town of San Pedro de Casta.

On the other hand, some people say that the ruins have supernatural healing powers. For example, it is said that a Peruvian who was paralyzed after a car accident traveled to the ruins and was cured after an encounter with a mysterious stranger in Marcahuasi.

Others are more skeptical about the ruins, both in terms of their supposed mysteries and Ruzo’s beliefs about rock formations.

Some researchers have proposed that these rocks were not at all sculpted by the hand of man, but that they are the result of erosion over a long period of time, and that people see in these rocks simply what want to see.

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