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The Squid Game: Hidden Messages And Illuminati Symbology

The shocking Korean survival horror series “The Squid Game” has captivated viewers and has become the  most-watched Netflix series ever.
What starts out as a group of people enjoying a fun children’s game turns into a bloodbath when players risk their lives and turn against their own friends to win a huge sum of money.

Deadly Games Similar Played In Ancient Times Which Involves Death Like The Squid Game

The core of The Squid Game is found in the ancient and timeless “legends” of the elite who recruit peasants to play deadly games for their entertainment.
The Most Dangerous Game, a story written by Richard Connell in 1924, tells the story of a Russian aristocrat who kidnapped people, freed them in the desert, and hunted them for sport; 

The 1994 film Survival Game is about a homeless man offered a “job” only to wind up in a remote location and become prey to a hunting game played by rich and powerful people. More recently, the trilogy of  games  of the  famine deals poor people who kill each other under the watchful eye of the elite.

Many legends are based on true stories. And there is something about these “elite games” stories that are true. The creator of The Squid Game, Hwang Dong-hyuk, adapted this ancient concept, added the current society with high-tech dystopia, and mixed in a lot of occult elite insanity.

The result is The Squid Game, it is the most watched series on Netflix. But what many people do not know is that the messages of this series are really twisted and worrying . It’s about the culture of death that haunts the elite and makes viewers a part of it. And, through subtle symbolism, the philosophy of the elite is very much there for you to see and worship. Here are some of the messages and symbols of The Squid Game.

The Two circles Symbolism

The series is about people in debt who are recruited to play a “game” in which the winner receives a huge sum of money. Losers die. Later, we learn that this entire Machiavellian “universe” has been orchestrated by an elite group who enjoy watching “miserable people” being humiliated, infantilized, and forced to turn into immoral animals in order to survive.

The Squid Game: Hidden Messages And Illuminati Symbology

The central theme of this series is aptly summed up during the first seconds of the first episode. The main logo of the series perfectly illustrates the core philosophy of The Squid Game and, by extension, the elite. The rectangle represents the masses. The circle at the bottom represents those who are poor and heavily in debt. The triangle above the rectangle represents the elite who rule the masses. The top circle represents the almighty occult elite that controls the world.

Appropriately, the narrator explains that the children who play in The Squid Game must reach the top circle to win. When that happens, the narrator says:

“And, in that moment, I felt like I owned the whole world. He owned the whole world ”, like the elite represented by that upper circle.

The squid game, a society ruled by the elite

The games take place in a huge complex hidden on a remote island. In many ways, this place resembles the MKULTRA facility in the United States, where all sorts of sick experiments took place. And the dystopian system that occurs within these walls is a microcosm for our modern society. 

Players are stripped of all their possessions, including dignity, and are infantilized to a ridiculous degree. These players represent how the elite perceive the masses . Before each game, players are led through a maze of stairs inspired by the works of the Dutch artist MC Escher (1898-1972). This place transmits a feeling of confusion and disorientation that favors the infantile state of the players.

The games take place in colorful playgrounds that we naturally associate with the fun and innocence of childhood. Yet every “playground” becomes the site of brutal mass killings carried out by faceless workers. They hate childhood health. They want sad and broken individuals.

However, at one point, the players band together and demand a vote to end this madness. The players end up voting to stop the game and everyone returns to their homes. But almost everyone realizes the miserable reality in which they live and that can only be solved with money. 
Conveniently, the game organizers keep track of these players and invite them back. The result: most players return to the game of their own free will . 

This concept is important to the elite, as they believe it frees them from karmic laws. In short: the democratic process was an illusion. The elite manipulated the system to get the result they wanted.

The Squid Game: Hidden Messages And Illuminati Symbology

When they return to the game, the solidarity between the players quickly dissipates. To watch the players battle each other, the organizers purposely give them a single egg for food. Players begin to fight for the precious eggs. 
This reflects a classic tactic of the ruling class : by making resources scarce, the masses stop focusing on the rules and start fighting each other for the leftovers.

The upcoming games are specifically designed to pit players against each other. For example, the game of marbles requires players to form teams of two. Naturally, most players associate with the closest person. A boy even matches his wife. 
They then learn that the two players must play against each other, and the loser dies. Players also realize that they can kill each other with impunity outside of games . This leads to chaos and murders when players are in the main zone.

This scene heralds the many shooting deaths that are about to happen. Also, the gun is a lighter that can refer to bodies being cremated. Gi-hun giving his daughter this gift is in line with the general agenda of exposing young people to the elite agenda.

The Elite

For the last three games, the organizers welcome the VIPs: ultra-millionaires and the elite who came to see the games in person. Through symbolism, the series indicates who exactly these people are. VIPs appear with animal masks on their faces, a real elite practice that has been going on for centuries.

Appropriately, these VIPs are obsessed with the two core elements of the animal side of humans: lust and blood. After five games, only three players remain. They are the “elite” players. 
Consequently, they are given elegant clothes and invited to a banquet. No more hard-boiled eggs. The setting for this party couldn’t be more symbolic. 

For the party, the tables are arranged in a triangle shape with lamps in the center. That triangle is placed on top of a checkerboard floor. In addition, there are two “pillars” of light on each side. It’s all blatant Masonic symbolism. 
The scene conveys the hidden and ritualistic nature of this game. In Freemasonry, the chessboard is the transformative surface where rituals take place.

The most powerful ritual of all: the blood sacrifice. And that’s exactly what VIPs want to see happen. As expected, Gi-hun finally wins the game. Therefore, he returns to the real world with the equivalent of 33 million euros in his bank account. 
However, Gi-hun is dead inside and spends about a year “cleaning himself . ” And it is then, when the protagonist a symbolic invitation. In various spiritual schools, including Kabbalah, “seventh heaven” means the highest heaven, where God and the most exalted angels dwell.

In a major plot twist, we learn that the old man is actually the creator of the games. When Gi-hun asks him why he created such a horrible system , he replies:

“If you have too much money, it doesn’t matter what you buy, eat or drink. Everything gets boring. All of my clients eventually started saying the same things when we talked. They all felt that there was no longer joy in their lives. So we decided to get together and started wondering what we could all do to finally have a little fun. “

Does this explain why the elite participate in such extreme and depraved activities? In any case, for this old man, simply watching the games was no longer enough. I wanted to be part of it to feel alive. 
Lastly, Gi-hun seemingly leaves his meeting in seventh heaven a changed man. 
To reflect this profound change, his hair is dyed red (which is also the color that represents sacrifice and initiation into the hidden circles ). Then, he decides to catch a plane to finally go see his daughter. However, at the last second, he turns around.

In conclusion.

We are not going to explain how the series ends, but in short, the ending is not happy. Everyone loses the game. Except for the elite who enjoy games . The Squid Game is the most watched series in Netflix history for a number of reasons. 
Beyond its shocking violence and its “gripping” story, the series explores various themes such as religion, human nature, and economic inequalities. While various media interpret the series as a critique of capitalism, ”they seem to overlook the most obvious and flagrant theme: society is ruled by a sick occult elite that takes pleasure in dividing, controlling, dehumanizing, infantilizing, and directly abusing society.

And that story doesn’t end with the elimination of this sick game, it ends with the winner becoming one of them. And that’s the point of the show: viewers end up enjoying this sick form of entertainment in the same way that the elite enjoy watching people get killed. Now that you have some information about the hidden message of The Squid Game, do you want to see the series?

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