The Story of Strange “Women from Nowhere”

September 8, 1992, on a busy street in Port Jaenem, California (USA) there was a traffic jam due to a woman standing on the road. A woman gesticulated strangely and did unusual dance moves, but did not answer any questions. (Women from Nowhere)

The arrived police brought the woman to the police station, but even there they could not get any specific information from her. Partly because she was dumb or deaf and dumb and could only communicate with gestures. 

Women from Nowhere

At the same time, it was never found out who this woman was and where she came from, her tracks were not found anywhere, her fingerprints were not in the database and no one was looking for her, she came as if from nowhere. (Women from Nowhere)

The woman looked like a Latina, and the only clue to her identity was a receipt from the San Diego Bank, which was 200 miles from Port of Haenem. She also had $ 10 in her pocket, a pearl pendant on a gold chain around her neck, and three fingers on her fingers, one of which had the inscription “Inst. Bancario Comm. Latino Americano.

At first, the woman was considered homeless, but expensive jewelry gave reason to doubt it. But the police did not know what to do with her after the interrogation, she did not commit crimes, so she was soon released. 

However, later she was again detained and this time placed in a shelter for homeless women. There they again tried to find out from her information about her name and where she came from, but the unknown only gestured and that was all. At the same time, when a deaf-and-dumb language specialist was called, he could not translate anything, saying that all these gestures are not familiar to him at all and that this is some kind of new language. (Women from Nowhere)

Women from Nowhere

Then it was decided to give the woman paper and a pen so that she wrote about herself. But she only drew scrawl, random numbers, and some strange characters. When they showed her the map, she also could not indicate where she came from and pretended to be seeing the object for the first time. 

Later, a special expert on communication with people with disabilities, Chris Barrow, was called, who somehow convinced a woman to write her name. The woman began to write a word that could be disassembled as “Luxe,” perhaps she wanted to write “Lucy” and began to call her that way.

She appeared to be about 23 years old and the gynecologist said that she had given birth to a child some time ago. Also, Lucy at some point “told” that she was flying on an airplane, but it was the maximum that was achieved from her. 

Despite the appearance of Latina, Lucy seems to not understand Spanish at all and hardly understand English. Sign language she did not understand at all. 

At the same time she was in good physical shape, she was not beaten and fed normally, her clothes were clean and recently purchased, and she knew very well how to take care of herself, which went against the assumptions that she was a severe mental disability and just ran away from the house where she was kept. 

Women from Nowhere

A lot of questions about Lucy remained unanswered. Why is she quite healthy-looking, but she has such a strange experience of communicating with people? Why does she feel well on the street, not afraid of cars, can dance, etc., but as if she first encountered human society?

“This is a very unusual case, she seems to be a person, but her communication function has been completely destroyed, and this amazing woman is in good shape and completely healthy,” said inspector Nancy Nazario.

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No one ever identified Lucy, despite the many leaflets and news bulletins pasted around the city. Even when she was shown on TV in the program “Unsolved Mysteries” (Unsolved Mysteries), the mystery of her personality was not solved. There was a feeling that Lucy did not live anywhere and no one had seen her before her appearance on the road. 

And then Lucy disappeared and could not find her for a week before they did not notice her sleeping in a corner of the street in the neighboring town of Cotati on a pile of newspapers. A small amount of methamphetamine was found in her blood this time and now there was a real reason for her arrest, although she was not accused of any crimes this time either. (Women from Nowhere)

After that, Lucy went through a series of tests and they found that her mental state was like that of a 9-year-old child. It was also found that her hearing was fine, but she still communicated only with strange fast gestures and did not seem to understand what others wanted from her. 

Someone after this accused Lucy of only pretending to be disabled in order to receive treatment and so on, but these were rare accusations. According to the 2014 data, Lucy lives somewhere in Santa Pola, California, and leads mostly a wandering lifestyle. She learned to speak a few phrases in English, but no more and her personality remains a mystery.

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