They record an interdimensional portal opening in the Scottish sky

More and more people believe in the idea that there are other realities and dimensions besides ours, interacting with us and even overlapping. With this idea comes the possibility that traveling between different dimensions, there are even stories that this is not only possible, but that such interdimensional portals have already been opened in the past. Disturbing, sometimes terrifying, and always strange, there are cases that go beyond what we can imagine and make us wonder where these portals are.(interdimensional portal opening in the Scottish sky)

And if we talk about interdimensional portals it is inevitable not to make reference to the Skinwalker Ranch, also known as the Sherman Ranch, located northeast of the US state of Utah. Those who have entered this private property have witnessed UFO sightings and encounters with strange creatures. There are innumerable conspiracy theories about the Skinwalker Ranch, as it is about some top secret scientific project, or that all these mysteries are phenomena because of an ancient Indian curse. However, experts in the field agree that it is built on a true interdimensional portal. Whatever the explanation, it is not the only portal on our planet. Now, some inhabitants of a Scottish council claim to have seen an interdimensional portal in the night sky.(interdimensional portal opening in the Scottish sky)

Interdimensional portal in Scotland

The Scottish council of Midlothian, near Edinburgh, has become a topic of debate among UFO believers and time travel . An amazing recently published video shows a blue circular light that appears in the night sky . Curiously, an unidentified flying object passes near the supposed interdimensional portal, just before closing.

It is not known who recorded it, the only information that some media have published is that the portal was visible in the sky until dawn and that the lights are not the reflection of any focus on the ground. Subsequently, the controversial YouTube channel ‘Secureteam10’ shared the images. Tyler Glockner, responsible for Secureteam10, is convinced that the mysterious light that appears in the Scottish sky is, in fact, an interdimensional portal.(interdimensional portal opening in the Scottish sky)

“It really looks like something that generates a lot of light ,” Glockner explained. “Definitely not a spotlight on the ground. It seems to shrink and shrink until the sky engulfs it completely. “

As the video went viral in social networks, many netizens began to raise several theories to explain the strange phenomenon of the sky. Some users argued that the portal appeared in the sky could be used by extraterrestrial civilizations to travel in time , while others speculated with the possibility that UFOs used these portals to travel long interstellar distances.

“There is something strange that they are trying to hide from us. Have you ever seen how on most days there are clouds covering the sunset? During the afternoon, you can see the planes leaving behind chemtrails. Then the sunset comes, and they cover the clouds, as if they were hiding something, “ Glockner concluded.

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However, the skeptics explained that what can be seen in the video is simply a normal phenomenon. Assumed experts revealed that the light emanating from the sky could actually be from the Moon hidden behind the clouds. Apparently, the “portal” would be a separation of thick clouds with the light of the Moon, something similar to the rays of the Sun, but in the night sky.(interdimensional portal opening in the Scottish sky)

interdimensional portal opening in the Scottish sky

The truth is that so far no one has been able to find an explanation for the strange phenomenon and the mysterious object that appears before the mysterious portal is closed. We only have unfounded hypotheses, which make it clear that for skeptics it is only the light of the Moon and for believers in the extraterrestrial theme it is an interdimensional portal. And if this last possibility is true, then we should point out on the map to Scotland as a new portal to other realities.

What do you think about the mysterious light on Scotland? Is it an interdimensional portal? Is the Moonlight among the clouds? Or do you have another explanation?

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