Chad Underwood Tic Tac UFO

The Man Who Recorded the Tic Tac UFO Spoke On Camera For The First Time

Commander Chad Underwood clarifies what happened during the Nimitz Tic Tac UFO incident when he witnessed what is now the most famous UFO footage of recent times.

If you have not seen the Nimitz UFO encounter first take a look at the video below at 2:57.

Chad Underwood is a badass Navy VFA-41 weapons systems officer (the legendary Black Aces).

His recording aboard an F / A-18 Super Hornet has been directly confirmed by the Pentagon as REAL, admitting that what is shown is an Advanced Aerospace Vehicle of unknown origin:

Chad Underwood Tic Tac UFO

The Mysterious Tic Tac UFO

Chad Underwood claims to have visualized the object both on radar and with the naked eye. The UFO had no visible propulsion signal and made erratic maneuvers impossible for any landplane.

Both his plane and that of his companions suffered interference in their radars caused by the Tic Tac UFO.

The name “Tic Tac” is due to the fact that when Underwood presented the 8mm tape with the FLIR recording of the UFO to his superiors, they asked him what he thought of what he saw on the screen.

And being a big fan of 80s movies like ‘Airplane’, it reminded him of one of the scenes in the movie where an air traffic controller is asked to describe a type of plane and responds that it looks like ‘a great Tylenol’ paracetamol).

So a Tic Tac pill was the first thing that came to Underwood’s mind, a term that is now popular for that incident.

There are recordings of what was detected by radar that remain classified for security reasons.

Tic Tac UFO Nimitz

The USS Princeton, which was tracking the events by radar, saw the UFO disappear from the radar as it made an evasive maneuver and fired to the left of Underwood’s plane.

It was not a “secret project”, the pilot flatly assures that he has encountered many objects involved in such secret projects, and is always informed about them after the meeting, as dictated by the protocol.

Underwood slides the possibility of an extraterrestrial origin, arguing that it is impossible for us to be alone in the universe and that we must adapt to that idea.

Since what he saw is not technology owned by the US or any other nation like China or Russia.

The interview

What you are about to hear in this interview by filmmaker Jeremy Corbell is important. It has historical value.

It is evidence of unknown and advanced aerospace vehicles operating in restricted airspace, with impunity.

“They have instantaneous acceleration and impossible speeds – technology we just don’t have.”

But let’s hear what Commander Underwood has to say about it; after all, he’s the man who filmed it… and was there.


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