True Terrifying encounters with the smiling humanoid

Our world is full of stories of normal, anonymous people, who while living their daily lives, have an encounter with the inexplicable or unnatural that defies logic and rationality. 
Whether it’s strange lights in the sky, an encounter with a ghostly apparition, or a smiling humanoid also known as the ‘smiling man’, the stories have been and will continue to be, told by people who, perhaps by chance, had an encounter with something they couldn’t easily explain or understand.

For several months towards the end of 1966, Point Pleasant, in the US state of West Virginia, became the center of attention as dozens of people reported seeing something similar, and this creature was known as Mothman
These encounters were a warning of the terrible event that was about to occur in this small town in Virginia, the collapse of the Silver Bridge that resulted in 46 deaths. 
While the US media reported on the accident, encounters occurred with another strange humanoid creature that has been linked to UFO phenomena. 
The smiling humanoid was also known as “The Grinning Man”, because in all encounters with this being, one of the most remarkable elements is the evil smile on the face of the humanoid.

Sightings of the smiling Humanoid

According to John Keel, the researcher who introduced Mothman, “the smiling man” first appeared in 1966. 
In his book “Strange Creatures From Time and Space, ” Keel recounts what is considered the first recorded modern encounter with this sinisterly smiling humanoid. 
In October of 1966, a woman reported that she was being chased by a tall green man.
It was also reported on the very same day that two children were walking down a New Jersey street, and suddenly the same smiling humanoid appeared before them, standing behind a fence, looking at a house in front of the children.

The smiling humanoid was behind them and wearing a green suit that reflected the light from the streetlights. 
He felt the two young men looking at him in amazement, so he turned and began to smile, a smile that spread from ear to ear. 
The children could see his face clearly. 
That same night, a few kilometers away, the police received several calls from people who claimed to have seen a very bright white UFO, even several agents of the authority witnessed the strange object in the sky near a pond. 
So, it is believed by many that the smiling man was an extraterrestrial being.

Three weeks later, a salesman named Woodrow Derenberger claimed to have had an encounter on a road with a strange-looking being. 
As he was driving he saw what appeared to be a person, so he decided to stop in case he needed help. 
He spotted a tall, bald man wearing a metallic blue suit. 
He could see that the strange man had slightly elongated eyes and an insane smile. 
The mysterious man left his name Indrid Cold, and the two had a strange telepathic conversation before the entity left, saying that they would see each other again.

This first encounter happened near Point Pleasant, the place where about two weeks later where the Mothman sightings were reported. 
Derenberger claimed that Indrid Cold visited him on several occasions and that he revealed that he was an alien from a planet called Lanulos, located in another galaxy. 
Moreover, the seller claimed to have visited Cold in his homeworld, and that he had met many other beings like him. 
He wrote a book explaining his experiences, however, he lost his job, wife and some say even his head. 
He eventually died in 1990 and some believe that his obsession with the smiling humanoid ended his life.

But aside from the cases detailed by Keel, others also occurred outside of US borders. 
In fact, a creature similar to the smiling humanoid was described in 1978 by an Italian vigilante named Pier Fortunato Zanfretta. 
He claimed to have been attacked by monstrous extraterrestrial creatures and, under hypnosis, he was forced to board a spaceship. 
On December 3, 1978, Zanfretta heard a strange person calling him while he was working at a gas station. 
According to his description, he was a humanoid creature with an egg-shaped face, dressed in a checkered suit and a metallic shirt of sorts. 
Although the Italian watchman did not mention at any time if the creature was smiling or not, its clothing has led many people to think that it could be the same humanoid described by John Keel.

What or who is really Indrid Cold?

There are reports of tall smiling men in connection with incidents of nocturnal beings, where he appears standing in front of the bed and sometimes terrifyingly, even in accounts of alien abductions. 
It has been speculated that these creatures are human-alien hybrids, beings from other worlds, or even the Men in Black themselves.

However, it is claimed by skeptics that Keel may have made up the entity and the stories, or simply varied the New Jersey youth incident to make it seem weirder than it actually was.

Who was the mysterious humanoid named Indrid Cold?
It’s impossible to say, although the fact that many alleged encounters had no actual connection to Derenberger’s description of a man smiling and appearing at the same time as the alleged UFO sightings, indicates that Cold could indeed be an alien being. 

Have you ever had an encounter with a smiling humanoid? 
Is it an extraterrestrial being, a ghostly entity, or is it just an invention?

Let us know what you think in the comment box.

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  1. Why mention Zanfretta at all when your other article says he had an experience with reptilian creatures, nothing to do with the smiling man?

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