UFO Report Might Miss Deadline, Says Senator Marco Rubio

UFO Report Might Miss Deadline, Says Senator Marco Rubio

The long-awaited report in a provision signed by Donald Trump late last year due to be released in June details “hard-to-explain” UFO sightings could miss the target date according to senator Marco Rubio.

UFO Report Might Miss Deadline, Says Senator Marco Rubio

At the Pentagon, it’s called the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF), and it has been ordered to prepare a detailed description of UFO reports for presentation to Congress. For this, it has 180 days from December 2019, although now that is in doubt.

This was recently stated by Senator Marco Rubio, who mentioned in an interview with Fox Business that there are already changes to that period established in an attachment to the annual intelligence authorization law, which was incorporated into the massive financial mitigation bill for coronavirus pandemic.

“I am not sure they will arrive on time, because [the intelligence agencies] do not meet many deadlines and with the government on this type of thing. But we will receive a report at some point. Also, I do not know how much we are going to find out, I am not sure that by June 1 they will have reached a conclusion about what they are studying. And it may end up with more questions than answers after the information is released, “the senator commented.

Senator Marco Rubio’s Opinion On UFOs

On the other hand, Rubio expressed his personal opinion regarding UFOs and the latest news that has circulated about incidents reported by the military.

“We have things flying over military installations, over military exercises and other places. And we don’t know what they are. They are not ours. It is nothing that is registered with the FAA, and in many cases, it exhibits attributes of technology that we have not seen before. At least, that is what it seems”.

“I think we have to know what it is about or at least try. That is my point of view without preconceived notions, maybe there is a logical explanation. Maybe it’s, you know, something that can be explained. Perhaps it is a foreign adversary that has taken a technological leap, as you have heard the former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) say, whatever it is, we need to know the answer, ”Rubio continued.

“The problem with this topic is that every time you bring it up, people get nervous and wonder ‘Oh, does this mean UFOs and aliens?’ We don’t have to go that far, it’s very simple. There are things flying over national security facilities. We don’t know who they are. We do not know what it is, it is not ours, we have to find out, “he added.

Finally, the senator assured that the issue of UFOs is being taken more seriously now than ever and that the prevailing associated stigma in the scientific establishment and other institutions has to go so that we can get the answers we seek – hence the attempt to change the term UFO for UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena).

Source: WFLA

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