US Congressman Believes That UFOs May Be Manned By Future Humans

Republican Mike Gallagher has been interviewed after his outstanding participation in the UFO hearing held this week in the US Congress, where he managed to annoy Pentagon officials with his questions. Speaking about the origin of the unidentified, he has suggested an interesting alternative to the alien.

US Congressman Believes That UFOs May Be Manned By Future Humans

During the interview for The Pat McAfee Show , Gallagher spoke about the main hypotheses that are currently being handled around unidentified aerial phenomena detected in restricted airspace by the military, both from the ground and in the air and sea. At this point, he mentioned the option that it is the secret technology of an enemy nation or that they are objects of extraterrestrial origin.

And although he acknowledged that there is still not enough data to lean towards one of the two options, there is a third that seems “extremely interesting.”

“The third option would be that they are not aliens, but something interdimensional . Or the idea that we are coming from the future », said the congressman, surprising his interlocutors – who did not hide their emotion when hearing a politician say that.

“If we go back 200 years in time, we don’t have cars, we don’t have the Internet, we don’t have good firearms; instead we have a technology that today we would consider primitive,” Gallagher argued. “If we go from our current point in history forward, 200 or 400 years in the future, whoever is left at that point—if we manage not to nuclear self-destruct—will surely tell us, “You guys? can’t bend space-time? That’s something we learned 50 or 100 years ago.”

“I’m not a technologist, but I know that right now we already have technologies that can technically teleport something called neutrinos. And also technology that proves that subatomic particles can move faster than the speed of light. Einstein himself tells us that time travel is theoretically possible,” he continued.

“So that’s a third hypothesis. That the people of the future, meaning us, have figured out how to bend space-time, and it’s our own technology coming back. The Terminator hypothesis », He added.

Gallagher ends by saying that he is not the only one who considers this hypothesis to be one of the most probable, although he clarifies that he does not exclude that any of the others —such as the extraterrestrial one— is the correct one either. “If we’re going to investigate this seriously, we have to be open to all possibilities and follow the evidence wherever it leads,” he concluded.

You can find more information about this hypothesis in our article: Are Ancient Aliens future humans?

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