Lost Underground Cave found in Antarctica

The members of the 24th Ukrainian expedition to Antarctica managed to find an Underground Cave found in Antarctica they had lost track of.

Underground Cave found in Antarctica

The Underground Cave found in Antarctica formation is three times larger than previously thought and has several lakes and a river, the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine reported this week.

The cave is in a remote place on Galíndez Island and was once discovered during the first Antarctic expeditions. The entrance at the time was on the opposite side of the island and under the top of a glacier near the Ukrainian station Akademik Vernadski. However, the glacier collapsed and the entrance was sealed.

The chief of the expedition, Igor Diki, explained that it took his time to find the cavity again. “There were several failed attempts to find her from the side of the Penola Strait. But we were lucky to find the entrance from the side of the Wordie House, the former British base, ”he said.

Underground Cave found in Antarctica

The Antarctic cave has three levels and a total width of about 200 meters, and inside there is an ice river and two lakes, according to the explorers. In addition, they have found the pen of a bird that “is definitely not that of a penguin.” The little surprise has been sent to Ukraine so it can be analyzed.

The Ukrainian Akademik Vernandski station has been operating since 1996. It was founded in 1953 on the island of Galindez by British researchers, who initially named it Faraday.(Underground Cave found in Antarctica)

Galíndez Island owes its name to the commander of the ARA Uruguay corvette of the Argentine Navy, Captain Ismael Galíndez. The ship rescued the Gallic expeditionaries from the third French Antarctic expedition that discovered the islet in the early twentieth century.

Source: Sputnik

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