Pyramidal UFO

The Unexplained Pyramid Shaped UFO: Black Triangular UFO And Pentagon Cover-Up

The Pentagon is the home of the US Department of Defense and is the largest office building in the world with 6,500,000 square feet of office space.

Since it houses many of our highest-ranking officials and much of our most top-secret information it is also one of the most secure buildings on the planet. Keeping this in mind we should all be amazed and grateful for this apparent new policy of openness regarding UFOs being exhibited.

With the now-famous F18 gun camera UFO footage the Pentagon apparently has determined that continued concealment is counterproductive. Is it truly possible that after all these years they actually need assistance from public UFO experts? Unfortunately, I’m dubious of this and still feel they definitely don’t need our help.

Consider for a moment that maybe they are releasing exactly ONLY what they want us to see? Think about how many news programs, articles, and interviews have been devoted to these videos. The amount of media resources invested in chasing this story is amazing! I would propose that this case is a classic example of misdirection. The magician’s tricks only work if we, the audience, look where they want us to so they can do their magic.

Unacknowledged Aerial Pyramid

I’m going to examine one of the biggest unexplained UFO cases that are not being openly discussed. This is the UAP case of the Unacknowledged Aerial Pyramid.  December 19, 2021, was the 3rd anniversary of this unusual event.

It has all the classic Pentagon markings of a cover-up concealed by a conspiracy.  We’ve got the mainstream media completely ignoring it and this event still remains unacknowledged by any major UFO groups And maybe, international intrigue! 

I first became aware of this case on the Travel Channel program Paranormal Caught on Camera in season 1 episode 7 entitled Washington ET which aired on March 27, 2019, just 4 months after the sightings.  Their experts concluded that this appeared to be a genuine sighting, not a hoax or CGI.

December 19th was a partly cloudy night in our nation’s capital with the temperature in the mid-30s about 4 AM when 2 friends Richard and Nick saw something from their car and began recording with their phones.

The video was enhanced so the black craft is more clearly visible against the dark night sky. But they were not the only ones that got a recording of this. Alexander Dude who sounds Russian was located by the Arlington National Cemetery and also captured it.

A third couple also recorded this and from closely examining all these videos several conclusions can be made. First, this appears to be solid, not transparent and is a 4-sided tetrahedron, not a 5-sided pyramid. Second, it’s huge, the size of a Boeing 747 airliner or larger, and lastly it’s slowly rotating. The evidence is we have at least 3 documented sightings of this event from separate people at different locations. One of the program’s expert analysts concluded that “conspiracy theorists must be going nuts over this case”. But not so as you will see.

But this is not the first documented sighting of an aerial rotating tetrahedron. On December 9, 2009, over the Kremlin in Russia, an object displaying the same characteristics was sighted for several hours. This case also has several videos available with one big difference, it was reported by the Russian media.

Now we have 2 sightings of a very similar craft almost exactly 9 years apart.
The lack of news coverage of course leads me to speculate as to what this is. The first possibility is that this was a craft of our design.

The Russians showed off their 2009 model and we had to one-up them with our 2018 “Sport” model. This explanation assumes that we have made incredible unacknowledged technological advances.

This would explain the obvious lack of concern by our military. If they know what it is and why it’s there hanging out over their offices, no need exists to waste jet fuel for a closer inspection. But, several knowledgeable military experts have concluded this is not one of “ours”.
The second possible explanation is that a large hologram or some unknown visual technology was being somehow projected. Maybe this was our new Space Force trying to make an impression by showing off some of their new techs.

Or a planned military projection test from space or from within the Pentagon to create the illusion of an actual rotating craft. Experts on holographic imagery however after reviewing this case thought that since the object appears to have shadows and a region that is darker than the background that these are two clues that suggest that it is not a holographic image.

Another possible explanation is literally out of this world; that we had an actual Extraterrestrial visitation flying this unidentified object! Yes, a genuine UFO! The lack of any documented military response again signifies that we knew they were there, or no one at the Pentagon saw it or detected it due to unknown cloaking or stealth technology.

But since it was optically visible this seems unlikely. Why would the media and UFO groups purposely avoid this specific case?
There is another explanation that brings one more piece of this puzzle into focus. In late December 2018, a video appeared of a United Nations session where it was announced that the Pentagon UFO was a genuine first contact event! The person making the announcement is Aliya Prokofyeva. She has since married and goes by Aliya Grieg.

She is Russian and a self-proclaimed Space Visionary and comes from a family of astronomers and scientists. She is shown claiming this event is our first contact with Extraterrestrials. Further, she states that NASA had received and communicated with this object.

This video has been closely analyzed and found to be a hoax. It was actually a video of the UN Secretary-General António Guterres speaking at the podium with Aliya inserted using CGI. The video is very good though the audio is terrible but includes closed captioning.

Repeated efforts at contacting Aliya for comment have received no response. Interestingly social media posts show she did travel from Russia to New York for a vacation the week after the Pentagon sighting. To my knowledge, no person or group has claimed responsibility for the hoaxed UN video.

The main thought that jumps out to me is the Russian connections. First the 2009 UAP sightings in Moscow. Secondly one of the witnesses on the Paranormal program has a noticeable Russian accent. The third is the arrival of a known Russian space expert in New York within 1 week of the Pentagon sighting.

Lastly the release of the hoaxed UN video within 2 weeks of the Pentagon sighting featuring the Russian space expert. It is certainly possible that this was an extremely well-orchestrated hoax with all the people in Washington conspiring together to facilitate it with the UN announcement being the final chapter.

Circumstantial evidence, absolutely. But the effect of the hoaxed UN video is undeniable. It has cast a long shadow of legitimacy over the Pentagon 2018 sighting. When originally posting this story to Facebook UFO groups, 25% of those group admins refused or deleted the post and sighted the hoaxed video as the reason.

So I will put these questions out to readers interested in this case: What would the Russians benefit and why would they want this case discredited? Is there Russian collusion? It seems to be the only real benefit to the Pentagon not having to answer questions about this case due to the media blackout.

Whatever the truth is about this Pentagon UAP this is one of the most unusual cases I have ever investigated.
Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

The research was conducted and written by:
Bradley L Howard
Independent Investigator

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