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11 School Children Fainted Mysteriously After Playing With Ouija Board In Colombia

11 Colombian schoolchildren inexplicably fainted at once and were found writhing on the floor in pain, some even vomiting after playing with Ouija Board.

11 School Children Fainted Mysteriously After Playing With Ouija Board In Colombia

This reportedly happened after they played with an Ouija board, an Ouija board. Through such boards, spirits supposedly can communicate with people.

Doctors stated that the children had severe vomiting and muscle spasms, and they do not see a connection with the Ouija board, believing that all this was allegedly caused by food poisoning.

A strange incident happened to students at the Agricultural Technical Institute in Hato, Colombia. A group of teenagers aged 13 to 17 were playing with an Ouija board in the hallway of the establishment. They read about the Ouija board on social media and decided to try it out.

After a call from doctors, five teenagers, whose condition was worse than those of the others, were taken to the Manuela Beltrán hospital in the Socorro area. They spent a whole day there, undergoing treatment, but the exact cause of their strange condition was never found.

“The children were unconscious, short of breath when they were found, and thick saliva flowed from their mouths. It is possible that the ouija board, which is part of the investigation, was to blame. while some say that they came from the pool and were given something to eat,” says José Pablo Tolosa Rondon, mayor of Hato.

Surveys showed that the children drank water from one glass, but whether there was anything in the water remained unknown.

“We did not find any psychological changes in the children, given that it was said that this could be caused by playing on the Ouija board. The medical report said that this was due to food poisoning,” says Juan Pablo Vargas Noguera, coordinator hospital emergency room del Socorro.

The rector of the Technical Institute said that he was not going to make a decision on this case until the facts were clarified during the investigation. 

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