How To Use An Ouija Board Safely (Guide)

Ouija boards can be both fun and scary, and it entirely depends on how you used the board. It is an exciting way to connect to a spirit.
However, if the board is not used safely, it can attract evil spirits or demonic entities. Today we have come up with a complete guide on how to use an Ouija board safely.

Use An Ouija Board

Steps To Use An Ouija Board

1. Find the Right Place to Use the Ouija Board

  • To enjoy a session on the Ouija board, make sure to find a place that is filled with positive vibes. Find a place with fewer distractions, as it will make it easier for you and your friends to connect with the spirit. Here are some ideas:
    1. Some place natural such as next to ponds, rivers, or lakes. You could also hold a session inside a cave.
    2. Places that are associated with happy memories, especially for you, such as: gardens, gazebos, or where you got married.
    3. Places that feels safe and comfortable, aside from a living room, den, or kitchen.
  • It is highly recommended not to use an Ouija board at home. If you connect to an evil spirit by any chance, the negative energy might not leave your house easily. Getting rid of evil spirits or demonic entities is not easy.
  • It is also recommended not to use an Ouija board in a graveyard or where someone has died. It might sound cool or spooky to you, but doing this will only attract trouble. You are likely to contact an evil spirit in these sorts of places.
  • Try cleansing the space around you to get rid of the presence of the negative energies, if any. Here are some ideas that you can opt for to clean the energy around you:
    1. Place quartz crystals around the board. They help cleanse and maintain energy.
    2. You can also use hematite, obsidian, or kyanite for protection. Light black candles to absorb bad energy. You can also light white candles to attract good energy.
    3. Burn lavender incense as it helps in attracting nicer spirits. You can also burn frankincense, myrrh, or dragon’s blood incense for protection from the not-so-nice ones.
    4. Sage bundles are also commonly used in magic rituals for protection.
    5. Draw a circle around you and the board using some sea salt.
  • It is essential to clean the board, if it has not been used in a while. One can clean the board using below-given ideas.
    1. Light some incense or a bundle of sage. Let the smoke cover the board and pointer. Draw a circle around the board using your finger or wand, then light a black candle. The candle will absorb the negative energy.
    2. Next, close your eyes and imagine a bright light. After a moment, open your eyes and blow out the candle. Discard it or bury it. Draw a circle around the board again using your finger or wand. Sprinkle some rosewater over the board, while saying a simple, protective prayer.
    3. You can even make up your own. Here’s an example of a protection prayer: “I clear this space of all negativity. I clear this space of the energy of people or things that have no purpose in this household. I ask that this clearing be gentle, and that all of this energy be returned to its source.”

2. Set the Right Mood

Use An Ouija Board
  • One must use the ouija board only when the participants are in a good mood. It is advised not to use the board if a person feels sick, angry, depressed or low as it will only make you an easy target. Spirits can feed off of energy. An evil spirit might use your fear against you.
  • Using the ouija board while being sick will result in lack of concentration. Lack of focus will make you an easy target for the spirit and it might try taking advantage of your situation.
  • Do not use the board with ill intention of seeking revenge. It will only bring harm to both you and your victim.
  • It is advised to use the ouija board in a sober mood. Do not use drugs or alchols during or before the session.
  • One should also consider to cleanse themselves before the onset of the session. It will help you to dispel any negative energies that might be plaguing you. Use the below-given ideas to cleanse your mind and body spiritually:
    1. Meditate. Try envisioning yourself surrounded by a bright light.
    2. Say a prayer of protection. You can make up a prayer if you like. It can be something as simple as: Let nothing but good energies surround me. Let nothing but good intentions fill me. Let my mind and body be calm and at peace.”
    3. Take an herbal or salt bath. The best herb to use is lavender, and the best salt to use is sea salt.

3. Knowing Do’s and Don’ts is Essential

Don’t ever try to use an Ouija Board alone.

  • It takes atleast two people to use an Ouija Board. Get a friend to use it with you. Having a male and a female in the group is usually recommended.This is for safety reasons, in case something happens to you and you are unable to end the session. It is also for practical reasons; you will need other people to help channel and build the energy. It is ideal to use an Ouija Board in a group of three to five people.
    1. One person to handle the pointer and ask the spirit questions.
    2. One to three people who are also touching the pointer. They are focusing the energy, but not asking any questions.
    3. One person to take notes or record the session. This will allow the group to analyze the spirit’s answers later

Keep Focusing On The Pointer.

  • The pointer is an extremely useful tool as it will help you to connect to the spirits. Usually, it will move to a number or letter, but sometimes, it may start to do other things. Watch out for the below-given things:
    1.If the pointer starts to move through the alphabet or numbers in sequence, the spirit is counting down. Once it finishes, it can escape through the board. You want to end the session before this happens.
    2. If the pointer travels to each corner of the board, you have reached an evil spirit. End the session immediately.
    3. If the pointer starts to make figure eights, it means that an evil spirit has taken control of the board. Flip the pointer over and end the session.
    4. Never let the pointer fall to the floor. This will release the spirit that is moving it.
    5. Never leave the pointer on the board once you have finished a session. Always put it back into its bag and store it on the other side of the room. If you see the pointer on the board and no one is using it, flip it over, and end the session. Then, store the pointer on the opposite side of the room.

Be mindful of the questions you ask to the spirit.

  • If a spirit seems annoyed by a question, you must avoid asking any further questions. Generally you should not ask questions concerning your death, God, religion etc. You can ask about the spirit itself.
  • Spirits can lie too. Know that just like humans, spirits can lie as well. One is advised not to believe everything a spirit says, especially if it seems mischievious or malevolent.
  • It is essential to stay polite throughout the session. One must not forget to end the session properly. There are times where the spirit ends the session itself, and if it doesn’t, you will need to move the pointer to the word GOODBYE. This is important. If you don’t do this, you will leave the doorway to the spirit world open.
    1. Remember to thank the spirit for his or her time before saying goodbye.
    2. Respect the spirits. Try not to annoy, anger, or irritate them.

One Must Know When To End A Session.

  • There are times when the players are required to end the sesssion earlier than planned. If you, any other particpant or the space around you starts to feel strange, you must move the pointer to the word GOODBYE, flip it upside down, and take it off the board. This will break any spiritual connections. Here are other things to keep in mind:
    1. Remain calm at all times. If you start to panic, you may forget what to do. The spirit may also sense it, and use it to his or her advantage.
    2. If the spirit starts to get angry or swear, apologize to the spirit and end the session. An angry spirit is a dangerous spirit.
    3. If a spirit uses your name in any way, it is getting dangerous. You should finish the session right away.
  • Keep the board and the pointer safely and carefully in a clean locked space, where no one can mess with it. Keep the pointer in a cloth bag, and store it separately from the board. Do not store the pointer on top of the board, or you will risk leaving a portal to the spirit world open.

Important Safety Tips To Use An Ouija Board

  • Make sure to say “GOODBYE”, to end the session. Do this, even if you are not able to establish a contact.
  • Use the board in a safe space and happy environment.
  • Everyone needs to be on board with this if they want to be involved. If they don’t believe, nothing will happen.
  • Best time to use a Ouija board is in the evening, close to midnight.
  • The connection to the spirit world is stronger during the fall and winter months, as well as during the summer and winter Solstice. Samhain (Halloween) is also a great time to establish a connection.
  • The users should sit facing each other, with knees touching if possible, with the board on their laps. Don’t use a table.
  • Ony one person should ask the questions.

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