9 Most Baffling Anomalies On Earth That Even Scientists Struggle To Explain

Earth is by far the most unique planet in the universe since it is the only planet that posses human life.
However, there are numerous mysteries present on Earth that baffles scientists even to this day.
Here we have come up with the 9 most baffling anomalies on Earth that even scientists struggle to explain.

1. The zone of silence

9 Most Baffling Anomalies On Earth That Even Scientists Struggle To Explain

The place is referred to as the zone of Silence or “Zona de Silencio,” this area of land situated in Mexico is one of the most baffling anomalies present on earth.
The enigmatic zone is located 2,000 meters above sea level.

As per the reports, nothing seems to properly function here as scientists have failed to understand how clocks stop, radios go haywire, and the compass spins out of control.
The interesting part is that the zone of silence coincides with the mysterious Bermuda triangle and the Great pyramids of Giza.

2. Gravity Hills

As the name suggests, this place has something to do with Gravity.
The magnetic hill is located in India, and as a matter of fact, there are three different magnetic hills present in India that is Kalo Dungar also known as the black hill, Tulsishyama Road, and the gravity hill of Ladakh.

9 Most Baffling Anomalies On Earth That Even Scientists Struggle To Explain

A place where if you take your car for a ride and decide to park it for an awkward reason on the hill and put it out of gear into neutral, the car will start moving UPWARDS, almost as if some mysterious force you can’t see is pulling the car upwards.

Mysterious and spooky, this is a place where gravity is not gravity.

3. Frangokastello Castle

The castle is home of the only documented time mirage in the world.

It was built by the Venetians somewhat between 1371 and 1374.
The purpose of the castle was to protect Venetian nobles and their land.
The Castle was named St. Nikitas by its original builders, however, the locals contemptuously dubbed it Frangokastello, meaning the Castle of the Franks.

Back in May of 1828, a battle was fought at the castle when hundreds of Sfakiots and Epirotes commanded by Hatzimichalis Dalianis, a Greek patriot from Epirus occupied the castle but were eventually besieged by the Turks.
Interestingly, after a passage of time, even the Turks were massacred by ambushes.
The anniversary of the battle shows the shadows of the fallen soldiers march towards the fortress around dawn.

Every year around May, the castle becomes home to a bewildering phenomenon where ‘shadows’ of armed soldiers march from the monastery of Agios Charalambos to the Castle.
The phenomenon is worth-observing and was even documented in the early hours when the sea is quiet, and humidity in the air is high.
The mysterious event continues for around 10 minutes.

4. Göbekli Tepe: The oldest temple on Earth

9 Most Baffling Anomalies On Earth That Even Scientists Struggle To Explain

Göbekli Tepe- The oldest temple on our planet is located in Turkey.
It is believed that the magnificent ancient structure is 6,500 years older than Stonehenge and around 7,000 years older than the oldest of the Pyramids—meaning that it was created around 12,000 years ago by a mysterious civilization.
The structure is also referred to as the Stonehenge of the desert, and the researchers are still looking for the purpose for which it was made.

5. Eternal Flame Falls

This is the place where fire defies water.
This strange eternal flame is located in the USA and is a strange phenomenon that looks almost as if there’s a fire burning in the middle of a waterfall.
The waterfall is nature made and scientists say that it’s perfectly explainable as there are small fissures in the rock which emit natural gas, causing it to burn.
At times the flame extinguishes and needs to be reignited.
It is believed by the legends that whoever manages to reanimate the flame will be blessed with fortune.

6. Pyramids

Pyramids can be found all around the globe as if someone traveled to all the ancient cultures present throughout the planet and instructed them to build the pyramids and that too in a particular pattern.

There are Pyramids of all sizes and shapes present on Earth but surprisingly, most of them are eerily similar despite the fact that many of them were built by different ancient civilizations, scattered across the globe.
What could be the possible reasons that the Pyramids in South and Central America resemble their counterparts in Asia or India?
Why were the Pyramids built?
And how come there are so many similarities among the thousands of Pyramids on Earth?
These few questions are still not answerable by scientists and researchers.

7. Dolmens

Just like Pyramids, there are also numerous Dolmens scattered all around the world.

We can find these mysterious stone structure everywhere, from Korea, China, Scandinavia, Russia, Spain, Portugal.

However, the question still remains the same why so many exist, and why many of them are so familiar.
It is believed by the archaeologists that the they were built as tombs for people belonging to the royal class, but many authors disagree.

The strange fact about the Dolmens is that the electric devices do not function properly around them as if something is interfering with the devices.

8.  Cochno stone

Only a few people have heard about the Cochno Stone– a 5,000-year-old stone slab covered in strange, alien-like symbols. that was found by Rev. James Harvey.

The mysterious stone contains around 90 strange indentations and is considered to host one of the finest sets of petroglyphs not only in Scotland but on Earth.

However, it still baffles the scientist that what do these symbols mean and why so many of them are similar to crops circles, or constellations in the sky.
It is believed by many that Cochno is a 5,000 year old star map.

9. Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda triangle also known as the devil’s triangle stretches 700 Kilometers from Florida, Puerto Rico to Bermuda.
In the last 10 decades, the devil’s traingle has engulfed more than 1,000 people and still no explanation has been available.

It is one of the most transited areas on the planet, as it is an international “highway” for shipping lanes as countless vessels transit the area in order to travel from America to Europe or vice versa.

Explanations for the mysterious disappearances of ships and planes range from Aliens, mystery pyramids, weather phenomena to portals to another dimension.

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