The Unexpected Declassification Of 3,000 Documents By The CIA On UFOs

We are on the verge of knowing once and for all the truth about UFOs and aliens.
Unexpectedly, the CIA has just declassified hundreds of UFO sightings around the world dating back to the 1950s and has also published the efforts made by the international intelligence agencies to understand them.

The Unexpected Declassification Of 3,000 Documents By The CIA On UFOs

Huge unexpected classification by CIA

File XXXX with almost 3,000 pages of documents on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), the official government term for what a UFO is commonly called, was posted on ‘The Black Vault’ website last week.
Thousands of experts in the field have already begun to peruse the collection of more than 700 individual documents, according to Black Vault founder John Greenewald Jr, who has spent the past two decades suing the CIA to release the records and scanning the pages one by one.

The Unexpected Declassification Of 3,000 Documents By The CIA On UFOs

The CIA claims the files represent its “complete” collection of declassified UFO information, but Greenewald believes that the records available on the CIA website are incomplete, despite the agency saying “it’s all there. ” 
In a blog post, he stated that while the CIA claims that it has released all of his documents, some have possibly been withheld for containing “sensitive” material. 
Interestingly, this declassification has been released before the June deadline for US intelligence agencies to reveal to Congress everything they know about UFOs and aliens.

A review of the files has revealed a bevy of puzzling accounts, of mysterious discs tracing the sky, casting rays of light through small towns, causing explosions, and even some statements by military officers confronting aliens coming from strange vehicles.
For example, the crew of a Russian plane described being within 50 kilometers of a yellow disk that fired beams of light in Belarus in 1985.

But Greenewald was struck by a specific report that was delivered personally and urgently to a CIA deputy director for science and technology in April 1976.

“We contacted A / DDS & T (Dr. [deleted]) to see if he was aware of any UFO programs and also to answer questions raised by [deleted],” the document says. “Dr. [erased] showed interest in [erased] which was brought by hand to his office. After a brief examination of its contents, Dr. [deleted] advised us that he would personally investigate the matter and contact us. “

A second document from June 1976 appears to request an update on the case, but there is no record of what happened subsequently.
Most of the details about the information were redacted in the document, but Greenewald will make a new request to discover more information through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). 
The vice principal’s name was also removed, but records indicate that Carl Duckett was holding the position at the time.

But this is not the end. 
In another report, CIA officials discuss the possibility that UFOs caused a ‘mysterious explosion’ in the small Russian town of Sasovo, about 400 kilometers southwest of Moscow, in 1991.
Residents reported that they saw a ‘sphere fire ‘descending from the sky before a shock wave tore through the city. 
The report says that researchers had not reached a conclusion about the cause of the explosion, leaving open the possibility of UFOs.

“Some people are talking about munitions that were buried since the last war, while others claim that a powerful bomb fell,  the report says. “A third group blames a meteorite, and a fourth group blames UFOs. There are people who supposedly saw a ‘sphere of fire’ in motion. “

Despite this being a surprising massive declassification it must be said that many of the files are similarly worded to remove almost every detail beyond the word UFO. 
Some simply mention the keywords ‘UFO‘, ‘UAP’ or ‘extraterrestrial’ in the context of unrelated topics, offering little or no information on general CIA knowledge on those keywords. 
For example, a paper titled ‘Hypervelocity Testing Techniques Discussed’ describes a French study of a force that could be used to deflect UFOs, defined in the paper as ‘unwanted flying objects’, not unidentified ones. 
Another document includes a newspaper column about a Bosnian fugitive, in which the author mocks the Pentagon’s failure to find the man despite “regularly communicating with extraterrestrial beings.

In the same way, we are sure that in the coming days more documents of this declassification will be published that will give much to talk about. 
And while we delight in these CIA UFO files, which you can download from The Black Vault website, we will wait for the “Big Revelation”.

Has the CIA declassified all the information on UFOs and aliens? Or are they still hiding the truth?

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