A Cursed Ring Was Sent To A Police Station And Strange Things Started Happening

The other day, a post was published on the Facebook page of the Tasmanian police (an island off the coast of Australia) regarding a cursed ring, which aroused great curiosity among local residents, who left many comments on it.

The superstitious Australian who found the diamond ring 14 years ago finally turned it over to the police after he came to the conclusion that the ring began to bring him bad luck.

The ring was mailed to Smithton Police Station in the seaside town of Stanley on the northwest coast of Tasmania and arrived there last week.

The precious piece of jewelry with a large round diamond (probably quite expensive) was delivered from an anonymous sender, who only attached a short note to it.

“I found this ring on the Aleksandrovskaya Terrace in 2007. Since then I have had no luck. Sorry,” the note said. 

The Smithton police urged the owner of the ring to come forward and take the jewelry, because after the ring was sent, “strange things” began to happen at their police station.

“We would like to return this precious ring to its only true owner, because frankly since it arrived, strange things have been happening here,” the local police Facebook page wrote.

Cursed Ring Was Sent To A Police Station
The letter with the cursed ring

Unfortunately, no details of “strange things” were given, but, however, this post already quickly fired the imagination of residents, and many of them shared their theories in the comments.

“Creepy. I wonder where he found it and under what circumstances. I hope the real owner comes forward and fills in the blanks,” one user wrote. 

“It looks like my mother’s ring, but she lives in Hobart. And it also scares me that I suddenly saw this post, because I haven’t seen my mother and this ring for about ten years,” wrote another. 

Other commentators have suggested that the original owner deliberately threw this ring on the Aleksandrovskaya Terrace in order to get rid of his curse.

“Are you sure the owner lost it, not threw it away?” , – commented one user. 

“I probably would have gotten rid of it after just one year of failure, rather than waiting 14 years,” wrote another. 

What do you guys think about this incident? It is very unlikely for police officials to be superstitious. Have you ever seen or heard about a cursed object?

Source: Official Facebook page of the Tasmanian police

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