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A Florida Resident Caught A Time Traveler on Camera – Real or Hoax?

A Florida resident named Alex Schaal claims that his surveillance cameras captured a possible time traveler.

Schaal rented this house and plot to rent it out to tourists, but so far no one lives there. Schaal himself lives in another house, which is 5 hours away from the area.

And recently, the security camera system sent him a message about an intrusion into the territory of the rented property by an uninvited guest. When Schaal watched the video, he saw that an unfamiliar man had entered the property with a backpack and was wandering around the backyard.

Then this stranger entered the barn and… did not come out. The cameras continued to film the barn and other objects on the site for the next few hours, but this stranger never appeared anywhere else.

A Florida Resident Caught A Time Traveler on Camera - Real or Hoax?

Schaal then called the police. The cameras filmed how the police arrived, inspected the area, including the barn, but found no one.

The next day, cameras filmed another person coming out of the same barn, walking through the area and leaving it in an unknown direction. Outwardly, he looked like an old man, but in Shaal’s opinion, he was very similar to the man who entered the barn earlier.

A Florida Resident Caught A Time Traveler on Camera - Real or Hoax?

So now Alex Schaal has a theory that his cameras accidentally caught the time traveler. Apparently somewhere in the barn there was a hidden portal deliberately placed there for time travel. 

These two videos of Shaal instantly went viral and received a lot of comments. True, many believe that this is all just a carefully constructed prank.

On the other hand, calling real police officers for a prank is somehow not very good. This can come back to haunt you with a large fine if exposed. Why would a law-abiding person who is going to start a legitimate real estate rental business expose himself to this?

It is also annoying that in the few days that these videos have been circulating online, no one has yet been able to identify either the first person or the second. 

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