A glitch in the Matrix: A still raven recorded in the sky

Morning temperatures in New Mexico may fall below freezing, but a strange incident has occurred that apparently has no explanation. A family was baffled after seeing a seemingly motionless crow in the air on their way to school. Kayleen Bowman shared a video on Facebook that shows a black crow suspended in the sky near some electric cables in Gallump, New Mexico, USA. UU. Throughout the 15-second video, the object suspended in the sky has a striking similarity to a Crow, which clearly does not move a single centimeter.

“The other morning, Jay was taking Lilly to school,” Kayleen wrote. “Lilly said: ‘Look, the bird is frozen!’ Jay stopped the vehicle to see what he meant. “They saw this crow ‘frozen’ in the sky. It seems he was in the middle of beating his wings. Jay said you could see the beak moving. This still stuns me. What you think?”

Temperatures in New Mexico drop to -15 ° C in the morning at this time of year, but for a bird to remain motionless in the air defies the laws of gravity. When Kayleen showed the video to his friends, they were surprised and one compared the strange moment as “a glitch in the Matrix” They even told her that she must have thrown a stone at the bird to see if it was alive.

A study by Standford University explains that birds can remain motionless in the air as long as they fly into the wind at a speed equal to that of the wind. But as we can see, not a single feather of the raven moves, which clearly indicates that it was not motionless due to the wind speed.

Gitch in the matrix caused a motionless crow?

A glitch in the Matrix: A still raven recorded in the sky

So, if we rule out that it is a bird held in the sky, the only possibility is that it is a glitch in the Matrix. There are many who ensure that our descendants will have the immense technological power, enough to create complex simulations of their ancestors in which everything seems real, including the conscience of the characters. Posthumans will have such easy access to these simulations that they can build as many as they wish, far exceeding the number of royal ancestors. Therefore, since the probability that any of us is a simulated character is much greater than that of being a real ancestor, so we can conclude that we almost certainly live in a simulation.

In the Matrix movie, there were flaws like the déjà vu that offered signs of the true nature of the simulation. Interestingly, the idea has almost become a popular meme in social networks and conspiracy forums, where users share inexplicable events that have happened to them and that they interpret as problems in Matrix. Although some physicists think that the detection of certain unnatural anomalies, such as an asymmetry in cosmic rays, could reveal to us that the universe is a montage. The idea is that, if the computational power of the post-human were limited, their simulation would be linked to certain simplifications that would break the space-time continuum into discrete points.

We could also hack the source code. Some scientists and philosophers have been discussing for years about the call “fine-tuning of the universe,” how certain fundamental physical constants seem to have adequate values ​​for the cosmos to exist, and we with it. As cosmologist Max Tegmark said, “If I were a character in a computer game, I would also discover that the rules seemed completely rigid and mathematical” But the answer to this great question could be more disturbing than we think. According to the philosopher David Chalmers, our creator could be “just a teenage hacker in the next universe whose mother is calling him for dinner.” Hopefully it never occurs to him to shut down the simulation.

What do you think about the motionless crow? Is it a glitch in the Matrix? Or do you have another explanation?

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