Hotel security camera captures a ghost emerging from a wall

Experts in the field define “Shadow People” as a shadow- shaped supernatural figures that, according to believers, appear through walls and ceilings in the peripheral vision of the witness. 
They are said to be seen as fleeting shadows unrecognizable out of the corner of the eye for just a few seconds. 
There are stories that tell how they had no human form, more specifically in the form of an orb or waves. 
Some who have had these first-person experiences have seen these figures directly. 
But the truth is that the so-called “Shadow People” have been around for a long time. 
And all the cases share the same thing: they are the most documented type of ghost sighting. 
However, opinions vary among paranormal investigators.

Some consider that they are threatening, scary, creepy, and harbor evil intentions.
Others feel that they are the true form of a ghost. 
Although there are also those who believe that they could be time travelers and/or interdimensional beings on a visit to our dimension. 
Many also conclude that these flashes of darkness have a mission to watch over and guide us along the path of life. 
However, skeptics say these types of sightings are the result of physiological and psychological conditions such as sleep deprivation, paralysis, illusions, hallucinations, the beginning of dementia, drug or alcohol abuse, and even side effects of medication. 
Without a doubt, it is a phenomenon that in the 21st century continues to be the subject of debate in our society. 
But luckily we have videos that show us how the shadow people are more real than we think. 
A chilling video recently posted on the Internet shows a dark figure in a hotel in Illinois, USA.

The Ghost of the Eagle’s Nest Hotel

The eerie video was recorded in the month of May at the Eagle’s Nest Hotel in Quincy, Illinois, USA, where workers have long denounced strange things happening. 
In response to a complaint about missing items from a cleaning cart, one of the workers turned to the hotel’s security system cameras in an attempt to discover what happened, and what he saw left him speechless.

In the terrifying images, a small dark figure-like shape can be seen gliding behind a wall towards the cleaning cart and then quickly disappearing. 
It seems to momentarily hide behind the cart and then went back in a split second. 
The area where the incident occurred is an elevator that, had it been open, would have illuminated the hallway. 
This seems to indicate that the anomaly arose out of nowhere.

However, this is not the first time that paranormal activity has occurred at the hotel, as workers claim to have seen a similar small shadow on several occasions. 
They have also claimed to have heard mysterious disembodied laughter, which makes us wonder if perhaps there is a ghost child inhabiting the building.

Ghost Of The Eagle's Nest Hotel

The video is surprising yet disturbing at the same time. 
It is striking how the workers claim to have seen shadows from the corner of their eyes and to have heard laughter when no one was present, a classic sign in this type of apparition. 

Needless to say, the video has sparked a wave of speculation on social media, where believers claim that the mysterious black shape is a demon, an interdimensional being, or the ghost of a child. 
While skeptics argue that it is a very well-crafted montage or a faulty camera lens.

Well, what do you think of the Ghost Of The Eagle’s Nest Hotel
Is it a Demon, an interdimensional being, or a ghost? Or do you have any skeptical explanation?
Let us know in the comment section.

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